5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Networkers Guru For CCIE Certification Training In India

Reasons To Choose Networkers Guru For CCIE Certification

Networkers Guru operates the largest Cisco Training lab infrastructure and is among the leading technology training institutes in the country. Professionals enjoy the benefit of experts and practical lab to attain their prestigious CCIE number.

CCIE Certification

CCIE certifications hold a grand value among professionals in the technology networking tribe. It’s the highest level of certification granted to a professional by the networking technology giant Cisco on proving his/her technical competency, hence professional bearing the CCIE number is well respected in the community for their expertise. Professionals strive to attain these credentials over multiple technology paths like Routing & Switching, Security, Wireless & Collaboration.

Depending on the professional’s interest, one chooses any one or more if this certification tracks to become a Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) in the respective technology domain.

Reasons to pursue your CCIE Training from Networkers Guru

  • Practical Training

Cisco Certifications demand the highest level of lab training compared to their other counterparts. Hence the more practical knowledge and real-life implementation of the technology a professional has, the better chances are there for the professional to be certified and overcome the nervousness one might face during the 8 hours CCIE exam. The course is divided into a balance of 5hr schedule, that covers 2 hours of theoretical exam followed by 3 hours of practical labs.

practical training on live projects

Networkers Guru hold the largest Cisco training lab facilities with dedicated devices and racks for individual certification paths. This allows the individual to get hands-on knowledge and become aware of in life implementation challenges.

  • Expert Oversite

Trainees under CCIE program in Networkers Guru get the opportunity to be mentored by professionals who have cleared multiple tracks of CCIE certification and have experience in the industry. This helps an individual to be aware of the know-how of multiple aspects of technology and understand the industrial applications as well.


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Networkers Guru managed to promote the maximum scale of interactivity during training sessions between the candidates and the mentor, which helps candidates evolve better and have a better understanding of the systems.

  • The highest percentage of CCIE records

Networkers Guru has been holding the prestige of providing the record number of CCIE certified professional to the industry. The availability of experts with practical implementation technology at hand has allowed professionals to obtain their CCIE credential with ease and confidence and the number has been growing ever since.

Networkers Guru holds a key place in the networking community, owing to the 11+ years of experience in imparting training to CCIE professionals and candidates.

  • JOB preparedness

Networkers Guru focusses on the overall development of the individual, hence apart from technical knowledge, they also focus on developing soft skills the personality of the individual by undertaking language training and other aspects.

Mockup interviews & doubt clearing sessions are arranged in plenty to assist the candidates, so they can gauge where they stand in their preparation progress. This helps them to identify and improve on their weakness. Arrangements as such play a key role for freshers as they are unaware of the industrial practices and tend to fall in the gaps.

  • 100% Guaranteed Placement

Over 11 years, Networkers Guru has been providing certified professional to the industry. Professional trained under them hold key positions in multiple technology giants. Hence, the institute has managed to maintain its impact over the test of time. Today, candidates from Networkers Guru can easily land a job in any of the networking firms, owing to the technical expertise they are capable of showing in the interview.

Summing up everything, Networkers Guru is perfectly capable of managing and preparing a candidate from scratch to a CCIE professional. Their expertise and resources can help an individual to gain more grounds in their preparation. Institute’s culture of imparting key level expertise has been successful over since. The focus on the overall development of an individual and the dedication of the technical trainer panel has been resulting in the increase of Cisco Certified Internetworking Experts every year.

Hence, if you are looking to pursue your CCIE training in the most extensive & advanced environment under certified professionals with years of industrial exposure, Get In Touch.

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