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CCIE means Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It is the last and most modern certification of Cisco Systems. It has six modules. These are CCIE routing and switching, CCIE Security, CCIE service provider, CCIE Voice, CCIE wireless and CCIE storage networking. CCIE certification is the most technically advanced IT certification and is generally reported as the highest salaried certification in IT salary surveys. CCIE training and certification started in 1993, originally with a two-day lab, later changing to a one day format. Very few other Cisco certified professionals achieved CCIE certification. The training program requires more than 18 months to complete. CCIE certification consists of Written Exam and Lab session. Lab session is the next step of written exam. Each lab session requires $350 as costs. In the written exam, 100 questions are given to solve within 2 hours. After completing written exam, students should wait 8 months to participate Lab session. The duration of each lab session is 8 hours long. Candidates that do not pass the CCIE lab in that interval must re-pass the written exam before again attempting the CCIE lab exam. The minimum waiting time between attempts is one month.

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There are only ten locations in the world for CCIE training. Cisco systems did not mention about the prerequisite of CCIE program but Cisco recommends CCNA, CCNP certification in Cisco environment. Cisco systems give us an opportunity to hold multiple CCIE certifications. Many people in the world hold more than one CCIE certification. There are more than 300 multiple CCIE certified professionals in the current world. Before getting CCIE certification, students must get a CCIE number. The first number was allocated to the first CCIE lab location, rather than to an individual, and was featured as a plaque at the entrance to the lab. CCIE exam has six parts. Routing and switching is the first track of CCIE exam. It covers a variety of networking systems and protocols. The Security track covers advanced topics in IDS and IOS. The Service Provider track covers advanced topics in LAN and WAN switching, Ethernet, Broadband cable etc. The Voice track also covers advanced topics in Cisco VOIP PBX, MGCP, Call manager, Unity express etc.

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CCIE Storage Networking covers the expert-level knowledge of intelligent storage solutions using multiple transport options over small and long distances. CCIE wireless covers broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking and a solid understanding of wireless local area networking (WLAN) technologies from Cisco. CCIE Service Provider Operations candidates can easily show the expert skills in troubleshooting and maintain complex service provider IP NGN core (PE-PE and PE-CE) network infrastructures in both IOS and IOS XR operating environments. In the September 2012, Cisco declared CCIE data center certification. It certifies the skills of planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting complex data center networks.

Becoming a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), we should set our mind. It is not an easy task, it needs dedication, long time preparation, and right training institutes. Thus a candidate can be a successful person in CCIE world.


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