Announcement: CCIE R&S Being Replaced With CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure From Feb 2020

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On the second Monday of June, San Diego saw a conglomerate of technology professionals from around the globe. The event went live with over thousands of professional service providers and Cisco customer attendees. A day of global in-person events live webcasts, and on-demand live training over multiple latest technologies put together by the networking giant. Amidst the festivities of enthusiasts and networking professional, Cisco announced significant updates and upgrades in its technology and training infrastructures.

Cisco training saw the much-awaited upgrades with the consolidation of all Cisco Associate level (CCNA) tracks into a single CCNA certification course. New updates with the introduction of the Specialist track of core technology exam with revisions in the Professional track were put forth. Cisco even gave a significant upgrade to the renowned Expert track, i.e., the Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) path with the addition of network programmability. The primary focus of these changes is to graft each course with complete end-to-end expertise, right from design, deployment, operating until optimization.
The need to take a separate CCIE written exam has been revoked.

Ongoing CCIE Routing & Switching v5.0

The ongoing version of CCIE Routing & Switching v5.0 is the most pursued CCIE certification track as it comprises of design, deployment, and troubleshooting of the entire network infrastructure.

However, upgrading the courseware to be in pace with the latest technology advancement was a much-needed aspect. With skills like network programming and automation being the emerging demand for a networking professional’s job profile, it was just a matter of time, when Cisco would add them officially as a part of their training.


The candidate as of now is required to undertake a dedicated written CCIE exam and a separate 8 hr lab exam at one of the global Cisco Lab test centers. Professional would need to clear the written exam, and they are required to undertake the Lab exam within the span of the next 18 months.

The written exam comprised of a two-hour exam to assess the candidate’s knowledge on specific topics by multiple-choice questions and simulated scenarios. The CCIE lab exam tests the candidate’s knowledge and competence in troubleshooting a network infrastructure under a stipulated period. The exam is supposed to be taken at one of the Cisco Lab centers or the mobile labs subject to availability.

Re-certification policy

As of today, the validity of a CCIE R&S certification status is two years.

Enter CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0

Cisco not just changed the branding of the leagued CCIE Routing & Switching certification, the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 can be considered a significant move towards moving and accepting software skills as a critical component in their training module, the network programming, and automation skills were added in the courseware bearing this in mind.

While there are no formal pre-requisites for this track as such, it is advisable to hold a minimum five to six years of work experience with operating, designing, deployment, and optimizing the solutions and infrastructures.

ccie routing and switching vs ccie enterprise infrastructure

The emphasis in the upgrades has been given to end-to-end solution designing and its evident from the topics in the new syllabus. Network infrastructure and security couple major weightage altogether, while newly introduced Automation covers a significant portion as well.


As from 24 February’20, professionals seeking CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification won’t need to appear for a specific CCIE written exam. Instead, candidates can complete the core written exam Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (300-401 ENCORE).

The Encore exams are 120 min written exam gauging the knowledge of individual on core aspects of a network infrastructure technology. Clearing this written exam will earn the candidate the title of ‘Specialist.’

Professionals who would want to undertake CCIE certification need to attend an 8-hour lab exam. In the latest update, the 8-hour exam has been divided into two segments:

  1. Module 1 | Design | 3 hours
  2. Module 2 | Operate, Optimize & Deploy | 5 hours

Module 1 focuses on the candidate’s ability to create, analyze, & validate network design as per the prescribed requirements under the stipulated timeframe.

Module 2, on the other hand, tests out the candidate expertise on the deployment, operation, and optimization of the infrastructure after the network design requirements are met.

Recertification Policy

The certification period has been extended to 3 years in comparison to the previous two years timeframe. The extension is seen as a good relief, and Cisco eventually made the continuing education certification applicable to CCIE as well, restricted to Cisco related activities.
In order to maintain the certification status, the candidate needs to :

  • Clear any of the CCIE
  • Clear the CCIE Lab exam
  • Clear any of the three Professional concentration exams
  • Clear one technology Core exam and one Professional exam

If you have already started preparing for CCIE R&S . . . .

Well, the current courseware is still valid until 23rd Feb’20, and hence, candidates who wish to complete their CCIE R&S can continue working towards it and require to take the exam before 23rd Feb’20. If the candidate clear the exam, his/her CCIE status will be upgraded to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0


Candidates can also undertake CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab exams after taking their CCIE R&S written exam.

Course Upgrade Cycle:

Cisco has changed the entire content cycle. Earlier the contents were revised in an infrequent cycle of three to five years as significant content upgrades. With the latest updates starting from 24th Feb’20, Cisco has defined a yearly upgrade cycle, revising content each year with version XX.1, XX.2, etc.

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