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Cisco, the world’s leading networking company has been offering different levels of Cisco Certification Exam to individuals so that they can brush up their knowledge and skill and move on to become an expert in their respective networking field.
CCIE Cisco Certification exam is considered to be the most respected network certifications in the networking industry and the person who has completed the CCIE Cisco Certification exam is recognized for his/her expert knowledge in the field of network engineering and mastery of Cisco products and solutions.

Cisco Certification Exam now became the students first choice-Networkers Guru

The Cisco Systems, Inc. offers five different levels of network certification. Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect are the five levels in ascending order of expertise. The entry is the starting level, Associate is the foundation level, the Professional is the advanced level, Expert is the higher level certification and finally, Architect is the highest level certification achievable from Cisco. The Entry level has two exams; CCENT and CCT, the Associate level has CCDA exams for network designing and CCNA exams for network installation. The Cisco CCNA exam further has eight certifications related to different areas of the network. Again the Professional level has CCDP and CCNP exams where the CCNP exam is further divided into seven sub exams. Moving on further the expert level offers CCDE and CCIE exams where the CCIE certification exam is again further divided into nine sections. And finally, the Architect level offers the CCNA exam which is the highest accreditation achievable from Cisco.

Cisco Certification Exam imparting huge for career building in Computer Networking

Among all the different certifications offered by Cisco, the CCIE Certification exam of the Expert level has the most prestigious recognition all over the world and every network personnel who has possessed some skills in the networking field has a wish to get an Expert level certification from Cisco which can be achieved by appearing on the CCDE exam and the CCIE certification exam. So if you too want to take the Cisco certification exam you may want to begin with the Entry level and then move on further to get the Expert level certification and then finally the Architect level accreditation. You need not worry if you have no knowledge of network as you can easily begin with the Entry level with basics however having some computer knowledge is essential and it cannot be learned through any of the Cisco Certification. Therefore anyone with basic computer knowledge and no networking knowledge at all can easily start up with the Entry level and move on to get the highest certification from Cisco.

After knowing all about the certification exams you may be wondering where you are to take your examination for the CCIE certification exam or any of the Cisco certification program. To take your Cisco certification exam, you must find a test center who works with Pearson VUE. The exams are written exams along with lab test so it requires lots of experience.

Hence, if you are ever to take any of the Cisco exams you consider having some computer knowledge and if possible, even get some networking knowledge to stand out in the certification examination.


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