Basic difference Between Cisco CCNP and CCIE Certification

Cisco training program has the two major levels of the networking certifications: CCNP & CCIE certification. And there is always a big confusion among choosing two of them, that which one is the best suit with your interest. Here, we have explained the basic differences between Cisco CCNP and CCIE Certifications to help you to make up your mind for choosing one of them easily. Every level of Cisco Certification comes up with the great job opportunities in the IT industry and with these networking courses, you can be the highest paid candidate in your industry and can achieve your career goals. Networkers guru will help you to provide the best in-depth advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of the networking technologies as per the networking examination guidelines & real Cisco devices to make the trainees capable for appearing in the Cisco certification examinations and to get a great job opportunity in IT/networking industry.

CCNP Certification: CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional, which is an advanced level networking training program to give the student’s depth knowledge of the networking area. The CCNP certification helps you to learn the management of the designing and configurations of the live networks.

CCIE Certification: CCIE stands for the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, Known as the expert and highest level program of the Cisco training. The CCIE Certification course helps the student to expertise in vast technologies of networking like routing, configuration, switching, data center collaboration etc.

Now let us discuss some basic differences of the CCNP and CCIE Cisco courses to help you to resolve your confusions about them:


CCNP Certification
CCIE Certification
Certification learning level
CCNP is the professional level learning Cisco training program CCIE is the expert and highest level of Cisco training program
Pre-Requirements of examination
CCNA certification required for giving the CCNP networking examination CCNA & CCNP certification required for giving the CCIE networking examination
Modules of Examination
You have to cross multiple modules for CCNA Certification, The different level CCNA courses have different modules like:


i) CCNA Security- 4 modules

ii) CCNA R&S – 3 modules

iii) CCNA Collaboration – 5 modules

The CCIE expert Cisco certification have two levels of examination:


i)  CCIE Written examination

ii) CCIE lab practical examination

Knowledge level requirement
For giving the CCNP examination, you have to gain the depth knowledge of the networking. For CCIE certification exam, you have to train yourself with the expert level and have to learn the practical knowledge of networking
Salary range of certifications The expected CCNP salary range is 1.5 lacs per annum. The expected CCIE salary range is 2.5 lacs per annum.


Here the basic differences of the CCNP and CCIE certifications. Not enough yet, we have more points to clear your perceptions about both the courses and to choose which suits you the best.

There are two ways of appearing in the CCIE Certification:

  1. Clear the CCNA and CCNP certifications before appearing in the CCIE certification.
  2. Join to learn all the Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE training programs and directly appear for the CCIE examination.

The benefits of CCIE certification over the CCNP are:

As we explained both the networking level examinations differences, the CCIE program is for the expert level networking profession and CCNP program is for the professional level networking profession. So forgetting the higher level jobs like senior network administration, senior network engineer and IT manager, you have to prefer the most demanded CCIE certification, and also you’ll get the highly paid jobs when you’ll clear the expert level certification.


Both the Cisco certification programs are on-demand for getting the in-depth knowledge of the networking technologies and for choosing it as a career opportunity for flying higher with the latest networking technology. Networkers Guru experts will teach you each and every single prospects of networking technologies & give you the in-depth knowledge about real-time networking devices and they also follow the latest trend updates to make itself updated with the networking areas. If you have more queries regarding these certifications and still have some confusion about them, then feel free to connect with us anytime. Our trainers will explain these certifications and about their future scope to help you in making a decision.


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