Becoming a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

CCIE means Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It is the highest level of Cisco certification. According to the report of Cisco systems, there are 35,415 CCIE certified professionals in the world. It is also called the most advanced IT certification. CCIE certified professionals earn the highest salary in IT sectors. CCIE program started in 1993 which has two lab sessions. Only a few number of other Cisco certified professionals do CCIE program. It is very costly and time spending program.  The course duration of CCIE program is about 18 months. The CCIE program consists of written and lab exam. Students must pass the written exam, then they are allowed for Lab exam. The cost of each exam is $350. There are 100 questions in written and duration of the exam is 2 hours. After completing written exam, students are allowed for lab session after 18 months.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert-Networkers Guru

Each lab session is eight hours, hands-on exam designed to demonstrate that the candidate knows Internetworking theory and demonstrates advanced hands-on mastery. It is mandatory for the candidates who were not able to pass or clear their exam in the CCIE lab to re-apply and pass the written examination. Only then they will be allowed to take the CCIE lab exam again. The cost of Each CCIE lab session is $1500. There are only 10 locations in the world for a CCIE lab session. The average cost of CCIE program is about $9200. Practice materials and study equipment are included in the costs. Cisco systems suggest at least 5 years working experience before attending the CCIE program. Candidate of CCIE program can get multiple CCIE certifications. According to the report of Cisco systems, there are 300 people who hold more than 3 CCIE certifications.

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Guidance

Terry Slattery is the first person who achieved CCIE certification.  He is now working in the Cisco systems. Cisco systems review the certification of CCIE after two years. Every CCIE certified professionals must take written an exam to retain CCIE certification. If they do not attend written exam, the certification of CCIE will be suspended. CCIE certification has two years validity. The CCIE exam paths are Routing and switching, Security, Service provider, voice, storage, wireless, data center etc.

Routing  and switching

It is a popular course for CCIE program. It covers internet protocols.


It is the main issue of Networking.  CCIE program covers  IOS, IDS security.

Service Provider

It covers advanced topics of Optical networks, WAN, VOIP etc.


It covers VOIP PBX.

Storage Networking

CCIE program covers Storage Networking systems at expert-level.


CCIE wireless certified professionals can understand WLAN (wireless local area networking)

Service Provider Operations

CCIE certified professionals can handle and maintain IP NGN core.

Data Center

A new certification of CCIE program is a CCIE Data Center certification which was launched in 2012.

It is very clear from the information provided above that Cisco is most sought after course for aspiring IT professionals.


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