Benefits of CCNA Certification Training For Networking Professionals

Benefits of CCNA Certification Course

benefits of ccna certification

Growing Networking Market

We are witnessing the outburst of technology in this era, evidently with the increase in the number of IT services at the tap of the mobile devices. This has resulted in an increase in need of technology understanding of the masses and professionals paving the way to amplify their careers in the technology market. Networking skills are the core of technology, & has made graduates & professionals look for ways to become a part of this technology revolution and learning networking skills to gain an extra edge over their peers.

Need of Networking Professionals

Professionals today need to grasp the basic of networking to understand technology better. With clear basics, they can improvise and have a clear path to follow their respective technical career path. Cisco is the biggest networking technology giant with the technology available to cater all kinds of networking need of the business. Hence, professionals pursue their certification programs to gain sight and credibility for their knowledge. Cisco Certified Networking Associate is the entry-level certification for professional opting for technologies like Routing and Switching, Security and Collaboration/Voice, etc. Networking company needs for media & IP communication is addressed by Cisco Collaboration track.

benefits of ccna certification

Each individual track has its specific CCNA Course which covers all the basic for the same. This is evidently essential for any professional since it helps understand complex technology jargon & technologies better. Over time, professionals need to upgrade themselves with new technology or pursue higher certification for knowledge. CCNA helps them to understand and be more effective in their pursuit.

Entry level professionals need to showcase their knowledge and understanding of networking technology. Hence, a basic skill developed under trained professionals, endowed by Cisco Certification goes a long way and help them cater & fit in the job description better. A Cisco Certified Networking Associate certification proves that the individual has a complete understanding of the installation, configuration & troubleshooting of the basic networking devices. The knowledge and familiarity with the IT systems & process prove to be of great value to the professional at the start of his career.

Cisco Certification Networking Associate

The Cisco Certification Networking Associate for Routing & Switching (CCNA R&S) program is looked upon as a prerequisite or the basic entry-level course for individual pursuing even other certification programs. CCNA Certification is available for the following tracks of technology:

benefits of ccna certification

  1. CCNA R&S – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Routing & Switching
  2. CCNA Security – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Security
  3. CCNA Collaboration – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Collaboration
  4. CCNA Wireless – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Wireless
  5. CCNA Service Provider – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Service Provider
  6. CCNA Industrial – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Industrial 
  7. CCNA CyberOps – Cisco Certified Networking Associate CyberOps 
  8. CCNA Data Centre – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Data Centre & Switching
  9. CCNA Cloud – Cisco Certified Networking Associate Cloud 

Out of these the most pursed tracks are CCNA R&S, CCNA Security & CCNA Collaboration. And the exam of CCNA is a scenario-based assessment with 90-120 questions, used to gauge a candidate’s understanding of the matter.

How Networkers Guru can help you with your CCNA preparation

benefits of ccna certificationNetworkers Guru takes into account all the critical aspects that are essential for the candidate and professional to work on, in their search for the desired job profile. The course structure along with the emphasis on practical exposure goes a long way in their hunt for a job. The trainers make sure that the candidates are trained as per the latest Cisco Certified Courseware; this helps the candidates to keep pace with the ever-changing technological advancements in the networking domain. The availability of genuine devices and the lab at hand, under trained professionals, help the candidate grow and understand concepts better. The institute takes care of the time availability of the candidates as well, allocating batches that can help working professionals to cater to their interest & requirement for preparing for certification.

Small batch size leaves room for ample interactions between the candidates & trainers, which help them clarify doubts and have a clear understanding of the complex networking terminologies, protocols and concepts. Apart from the courses and practical lab have been over with, Networkers Guru also focus on the interview preparation requirement of the candidates, arranging mock interviews with trained industry professionals. This helps candidates to get over with interview nervousness that tends to be a major factor in their job search.

If you want to ace in interview, and get assured completion of your CCNA aspirations, Get In Touch.

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