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Cisco CCNA, CCNP & CCIE Online Training

ccna ccnp ccie online trainingNetworkers Guru has been training, students and professional over 11+ years, and the number of professionals that have cleared their Cisco certification and other aspirations has been on the rise ever since. Professional dire for hands-on knowledge and Networkers Guru takes care of it by availing the largest lab training infrastructure in the country. Each track of study is provided with a dedicated set of necessary devices and racks. This helps candidates to yearn more towards learning the concepts taught in the theory session and then move to practicing the same in the lab environment. Training sessions are planned in the same manners that they allow more time to grow practical expertise.

NG’s Online Training

ccna ccnp ccie online trainingNetworkers Guru recently came up with its venture of providing online training and sessions. They are bringing networking course learning at your doorstep. It is considered a very pivotal move in this age of advancements. The initiative will be very beneficial for students or professionals staying overseas and not able to travel to the Institute for their desired networking courses.

All the relevant course material provided online and the candidates undergo the same process of teaching as the regular on-site candidate does, without any alteration in the course materials. Candidates can take the benefit of the online training labs for practicing their concepts and trainers will be available of demand for clearing any doubts or shortcomings that the candidate faces in their preparation.


Training Benefits

ccna ccnp ccie online trainingThe online mode of courses is much preferred by working professionals as well as they can schedule their sessions. This flexibility to have your class online, without the hassle of moving from cities or countries proves to be very cost effective, given the resources at hand of the individual. From traveling to housing, the commuters save their time and money that drains out in the same. Instead of reaching the institute exhausted for the session, the candidates can join the online schedule afresh.

The program provides the flexibility of opting for your training content & timings according to the availability of your time & schedule. Candidates can opt for weekdays or weekend programs. For weekdays, candidates can choose the plan on specific days, in case they are not able to make for all days of the week. Hence, a cost-effective & completely customizable training at the access of your screen within the comfort of your work or house without taking a break from work is exceptionally beneficial.

Apart from the multiple training partners available for an aspirant seeking the online training, Networkers Guru aspires to provide on par availability of resources.  Being the owner of the largest Cisco training lab in the country, they have CCIE certified professionals who endowed with industry experience, have been training professional over the years.

Access to remote rack facility proves to be very much beneficial for the candidate undergoing the training to have sufficient hands-on knowledge under the supervision of the trainer. Care is taken that all the appropriate labs and environment is setup appropriately before the commencement of the training session.

Concepts and practical regarding installation, configurations & troubleshooting of the devices and depending on the topics by the trainer can be practices with ease in the environment available at hand. The trainers are available real-time, ready to answer any queries or clear doubts of the individual.

Demo Sessions & Candidate Pooling

ccna ccnp ccie online trainingCandidates are recommended to take a demo session of our online course prior to taking the course. This helps the candidates to understand and assess the online experience of the course and the trainer to assess the current knowledge level of the candidate going to take the course. Arrangements as such help the trainer to follow a relevant approach according to the needs of the candidate. Polling candidates working under different courses and teaching them together in a single class on relevant topics helps the students to get more on their table.

Peers share their expertise overcoming the boundaries of the state, in a session and make a thorough effect to understand and explain complex technology and terminologies better.

How NG can help you cover ground

Networkers Guru follows a well-planned curriculum for each of its courses, and hence can evidently help professionals to get complete exposure of the implementation of the technologies in the business infrastructure. Apart from owing and allowing the access to the largest Cisco training lab environment, Networkers Guru has an intensive training model in place, to cater every need of individual whether it is a working professional or a recent graduate.

ccna ccnp ccie online trainingThe training model is said to be comprised of

  • Course Training Session: An online or offline session as per the need of the professional. Offline sessions are planned as per the 5hr plan (2hr theory + 3hr practical). Online sessions are planned as per the needs of the professional.
  • PD sessions: Only knowledge is not enough, expressing them in the appropriate form is of dire need as well. Hence, Personality Development session is arranged to address this need of professional.
  • Mock Interview: Practice in mock sessions help the candidate to get ready for the scenarios while facing the real interview in a corporate world, helping in easing the nervousness that follows in the same.

Networkers Guru ensures the overall development of all your needs with respect to growing your technical knowledge and expertise. Hence, if you plan to get trained under one of the smartest mentors in the Networking industry, Get In Touch.


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