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The Networkers Guru explains that the CCIE certification cost can be a huge career leap for all the network professionals. The potential candidates would themselves notice a great difference in their professional career after the attainment of their certification. The attainment of this certification is a long-term career goal. The IT professionals need to plan it for their career and at times it can take up to 3-4 years in order to finally attain the CCIE examination. The candidates have to clear both written and practical exam which can be a daunting task.

Prerequisite for CCIE:

There is as such no prerequisite for CCIE certification. Although it would be a great approach if professionals come properly through the hierarchy, but not necessarily starting from CCENT or CCNA which are very basic networking certifications. If the candidate seeking CCIE certification also sits for the CCNP certification, then he would come up much confidence for the CCIE examination. Networkers Guru has a less CCIE Certification cost. The candidates going for the CCIE certification should ideally have professional networking experience of 5 -6 years. Having this much experience would help them a lot in their certification.

They would have a lot better understanding of the course material on the certification. Therefore, it is highly advised that candidates with good practical experience in networking should pursue this certification. Further, the attainment of the said certification would make you fully competent to work with all the Cisco devices available in the networking industry in the world.

Earning CCIE credentials and cost for the examination:

In order to attain the CCIE credentials, the first requirement is to pass the 2 hours written an examination of the certification. As of today 29th August 2014, the CCIE written examination would cost you $350. The next set of an exam is the laborious 8 hours practical lab exam which should only be taken once you pass the written exam. You cannot sit for the lab exam if the written exam is failed or you have not taken that yet. The 8 hours lab exam for the certification cost $1500 which is a lot more than the written exam, but seriously speaking, it is absolutely worth it once you attain the much needed CCIE certification.

The candidates should also note here that once they pass the written exam of the certification, then this result remains valid until the next 18 months. The candidates should take and clear the mandatory lab exam of the CCIE certification within that 18 month period. If the candidates fail to pass the practical lab exam in the 18 month period, then the passed written exam would also become null and void and you have to start it all again. Therefore, the candidates should take it very seriously in order to avoid any inconvenience.

The Networkers Guru training center can be approached to know about all the price updates about the certification examination or you can also visit the Cisco website in order to know about the latest fee structure of the certification.


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