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CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetworks Expert and it is a program of Cisco Systems and it was inaugurated by the company in September 1993. The CCIE Certification Course was designed to give the internetworking industry some expert professionals who can efficiently handle all sorts of complex networks and the Cisco products as well.

The program inculcates in the CCIE professionals all the technical skills and the in-depth knowledge of networks which might not be possessed by anyone else. Moreover, another reason behind this program was to develop a special relationship between the CCIE professional and the Cisco support team.

The first CCIE certified professional:

The Networkers Guru always strived hard to motivate all the potential candidates by giving them examples of successful candidates who achieved the certification with flying colors. In this regard, the Networkers Guru tells about Terrance Slattery, who was the first ever person to obtain the CCIE Certification Course in the history of Cisco Systems.

He was actually the Cisco consultant in the year 1993 when he heard about the new CCIE Certification Course inaugurated by the Cisco systems. Mr. Slattery approached Mr. Brad Wright, who was his senior in the same company and inquired about participating in order to attain the certification. Mr. Wright was the program manager of the CCIE Certification Course and helped Mr. Slattery extensively about the testing. Mr. Slattery just took 2 weeks for preparation and cleared the first part of the certification which was the written exam.

After the written examination, Mr. Slattery attended the Cisco troubleshooting workshop for two days and the next day he took the practical lab exam of the certification and also cleared it comfortably. For his outstanding efforts, Mr. Slattery was awarded #1026.

This shows that if you prepare well with a plan, the CCIE Certification Course can be attained within a few days. Mr. Slattery was once interviewed in 2009 and was asked about the type of training that he took and what will he advise to the candidates seeking the CCIE Certification Course. Mr. Slattery replied that I never referenced any single source. Rather, he advised that the potential candidates seeking the certification should research well on the topics and choose an approach that works for you.

He also advised that the candidates should refer to several online forums and study groups relevant to the certification that you are seeking. The online blogs can be a great source for the people over there share their experience and also what they have learned.

The CCIE Exam:

The written exam of CCIE consists of 100 questions which must be answered within the 2 hours allotted time. After passing the written exam, the students have 18 months to take and clear their practical lab exam for CCIE Certification Course. The lab exam is a bit tough and laborious which spans 8 hours. The candidates in the practical lab exam are required to demonstrate their skills and expertise with all the Cisco products under intense pressure and complex networks.


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