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Importance of CCIE Certification Course:

The Networkers Guru training center explains the importance of CCIE Certification Course and tells that it is an expert level certification which carries great career prospects for all the professionals pursuing this certification. The Networkers Guru also says that it is a certification for skilled, experienced and people with a technically sound networking background. The CCIE is the final destination and all Cisco certifications taking any path would eventually lead you to the CCIE certification.

The CCIE certified professionals are highly qualified individuals and they have a great professional career waiting ahead for them. They are approached by many reputable organizations and they can then evaluate their worth based on market value. The best thing about this qualification is that they have done the hard work already in their life and now comes the time to enjoy their work.

The CCIE qualified professionals enjoy an executive post where most of the time they are responsible for taking executive decisions. Further, they have to play their practical part in most of the complex networks and internetworks which might not be handled by any less experienced network professional. The Networkers Guru further explains the importance of the said certification and encourages experienced network professionals to go for it and make an impact in your professional career.

CCIE certification specializations:

The CCIE certification has very diverse areas of specialization and you have to prove your expertise in one specialization by working for it in order to earn the certification. As explained by Networkers Guru, the CCIE certification has 7 different specializations which correspond to all different CCIE certification paths. The 7 different certification paths are as follows:

  1. Security
  2. Service Provider
  3. Service Providers Operation
  4. Routing and Switching
  5. Storage Networking
  6. Voice
  7. Wireless

All the above are different certification paths and the candidates need to pursue one in order to accomplish their certification successfully. Other than a thorough written exam for the certification, the candidates are also required to pass a laborious lab examination. Labs test the candidates thoroughly of all their technical and practical skills that they possess and also to prove their ability to find solutions for complex network issues under tremendous pressure. Both the written and the lab exams are mandatory for the attainment of the certification.

The written exam in the certification remains valid for 18 months from the date it is given. The candidates are required to take their mandatory lab exam within the 18 months time period. If they fail to do so, then your passed written exam would also become null and void. Further, the candidate cannot apply to sit for a lab exam if his written exam is not cleared.

CCIE as a career goal:

The attainment of CCIE certification is a time-consuming marathon effort. It requires you to be committed and fully dedicated towards the attainment of your career goal. This certification is extremely useful and it is a long-term career goal for networking professionals.


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