CCIE Security Integrated Training Program

Cisco certifications have been the most honoured one among the networking professional in the industry over the years, partly because of the companies growing impetus in the field and continual development and innovation. Professional certified in their technology career tracks are much more respected compared to their other counterparts.

ccie security integrated training program

Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert certification is one of the most sought-after credentials to own, and the professionals holding those credentials are well respected in the community.

The certification path has been simplified as per each technology requirement, and are listed as follow:

– CCIE Routing and Switching

 – CCIE Security

 – CCIE Collaboration

 – CCIE Service Provider

 – CCIE Wireless

 – CCIE Datacentre

Among all these certifications, the most sought after are CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Security & CCIE Collaboration.

ccie security integrated training program

CCIE Security Integrated Course Training Program

CCIE Security Integrated Training Program takes into account that the candidate has the expertise of both the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the entire network infrastructure technology.

Keeping this in mind, Networkers Guru created an integrated training program that comprised of basic courses like CCNA R&S until CCIE Security. This ensures that the candidates are well trained and has a well-developed understanding of all aspects of the security infrastructure.

The program comprises of the following individual courses:

CCNA R&S ->CCNA Security->CCNP Security ->CCIE Security

Candidates preparing towards CCIE certification prefer this program as they seek to establish themselves as the industry expert in implementing, managing and maintain security infrastructure. Professionals who have been certified in this certification path are capable of planning infrastructures as per the need of the industry using Cisco security solutions and technologies. The certification program is seen as the ultimate challenge in managing end to end network security.

ccie security integrated training program

CCIE Security Exam Details

CCIE Security exam comprised of two parts-

  • A two hour closed book written exam with 90-100 questions.
  • An eight-hour hands-on exam that requires a candidate to showcase to design, implement and troubleshoot a security infrastructure.

Networkers Guru Training Features

Networkers Guru hold the biggest lab in the country, well endowed by equipment for dedicated tracks, a much-needed environment for any CCIE aspirants. The institute makes sure that each individual trained under them possess the balance of both theoretical as well as the practical knowledge of the subject.

The CCIE Security Integrated Program is comprehensive courseware that takes into account all the necessities in the path of a networking professional trainee. A few keys of them are listed below: –

  • Train Under CCIE Certified Security Professionals

Networkers Guru makes sure that each individual is trained under CCIE certified professionals, who have cleared the certification exams themselves. Availability of professionals who are 4X CCIE Certified Master Trainer have been proven a much-needed help to aspirants.

  • Exceptional Labs and Live Security Devices for Training

Extensive lab equipment, each available for a dedicated track, makes it easy and essential for any individual to have enough hands-on experience on the certification path one chooses to pursue. This is as essential as every networking professional requires practical knowledge more than anything to implement and realize the infrastructure.

  • Flexible Batches to As Per Your Professional Requirements

Certifications courses are taken by professional and students with each having their priorities and availability. Keeping this in mind, Networkers Guru has planned courses that can cater to the needs of both the students and the working class.

  • Soft Skills Development Sessions

Overall development and the preparedness to fit in the corporate is as essential as the technical knowledge. Hence it is essential for individuals to work on their skillsets like spoken English and other necessities.

  • Interview Preparation& Resume Advice

Mock Interview session and preparations have helped individuals to overcome stressful real-life interview situations. The more aspirants prepare in the mock sessions, the better they perform in the actual hiring process. Resume advice is also provided, which helps to create a concise and comprehensive portfolio of the individual.

ccie security integrated training program

  • Job Placement Record

Networkers Guru has established itself as a reputed training institute over the years. And this is very much evident from its outstanding placement records of candidates who have found positions at top technology firms.

Testimonials and the impeccable record are enough to suggest, that individuals trained under Networkers Guru have found no short of job offers.

100% job placement

Hence if you are looking for a training institute, for your CCIE Security certification or any other Cisco certification for that matter. Networkers Guru should be for sure your undisputed choice.

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