CCIE Security v5.0 VS CCIE Security v6.0, Changes, Syllabus, Exam Code and Recertification

CCIE Security v5.0 Vs CCIE Security v6.0

ccie security certificationAt Cisco live event a couple of weeks ago, Cisco unleashed upgrades astounding all the information technology professionals and corporate. Hands-on workshops and live events at the conglomerate of professionals from all over the world gave the event a festive outlook. The tech-festive has always seen to be a significant opportunity for businesses and customers to interact on a vast scale. 

While there has always been a keen eye on the networking tech giant’s innovational product release, the training & certification wing stunned peer with the course announcements and major revisions in the certification courseware and progression. The much-needed DevNet track for networking software professionals was released along with significant changes in the overall training programs for all the tracks. 

CCIE security has always been the most look forwarded credentials for any security professional, owing to the hard work and knowledge strength required to attain the same. 

At Cisco Live’19, Cisco revised the courseware as well as the way the accredited exams are to be taken up by the aspiring professionals. With the collaboration of all individual Associate level courses under a single CCNA program and the advent of Specialist track, Cisco made an effort to provide a comprehensive end-to-end training module. 

The emphasis has been on creating courseware that validates the end-to-end practical skills of the individual throughout the entire network lifecycle, right from designing, deploying until operating and optimizing complex security solutions for the network.

CCIE Security Old (CCIE Security v5.0)

The current training module of Cisco Certification Internetwork Expert Security is capable of preparing individuals to manage & troubleshoot Cisco Solutions. It prevails in the protection of security management of the system against a multitude of threats and vulnerabilities that affect the network infrastructure regularly.


While no formal prerequisites are required to undertake this Cisco Certification, it’s expected that the aspirants have complete and in-depth knowledge of all the relevant exam topics, including the entire network life cycle. The professionals seeking to pursue CCIE Security is expected to hold a minimum of three to five years of practical experience and knowledge to maintain and managing a network environment.

Exam format:

Under the current certification path, professionals are required to undertake 

  • CCIE Security v 5.0 Written exam (400-251)

Exam modules require the candidate to answer 90-110 questions under a span of 120 min. The question can be multiple choice based as well as scenarios based to test the candidates understanding of the topic.

  • CCIE Security Lab exam

Lab exam comprises of three modules, namely Troubleshooting, Diagnostic & Configuration, tested under 8hr (2+1+5) span, respectively. Candidates will require to work with both physical as well as virtual devices as required.

CCIE Security New (CCIE Security v 6.0)

ccie security v6.0What Cisco changes in the newly upgraded courseware are focusing on the end-to-end handling and management of the entire security system. The new courseware is accompanied with network programming and automation covering a significant portion and weight of the courseware. Cisco has tailored the entire courseware right from designing to operating and troubleshooting of the systems, preparing and screening the candidates in regards to any scenarios that they may face while dealing with the real-time networks.


The criteria of requiring no formal pre-requisite are without as earlier, however now candidates are required to have more knowledge and experience regarding design, deployment, and optimization of the network and system security solutions. Also, the expected relevant years of experience in dealing with the security environment have been increased to five to seven years.

Exam format:

The revised format for the certification has changed the exam format. Professionals are required to undertake:

  • Technology Core as the written exam.

Candidates are required to undertake a common core exam of the security track, i.e., Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR 300-701). The duration of the test is of 120 minutes and tests the candidate’s knowledge to manage core security technologies related to network, content, and cloud.  Endpoint protection and secure network access also are covered under the new curriculum.

  • CCIE Security Lab exam ( 2 part module )
  • Module 1: Design (3-hour exam )

This module aims to test a candidate’s ability to create, validate, analyze, and optimize secure network design.

  • Module 2: Deploy, Operate and Optimize ( 5 hours)

This module covers the following aspects of lab test:-

Deploy: Assess candidate’s knowledge to configure, integrate, and troubleshoot Cisco technologies and solutions.

Operating & Optimizing: From testing the health and performance of the infrastructure components to optimization by reducing the operating costs and disruptions, the candidates are tested on his skills to maintain the network resources reliability and security by undertaking the required steps to diagnose the potential issues and adjust the required configurations.

Under the new revision, CCIE specific written exam will not be required to be taken. Instead, a common technology core is required both for Professional (CCNP) as well as for Expert (CCIE) level certification.

New Recertification policy 

The recertification policy for CCIE Security has been revised like the other CCIE certification path. Previously, the candidates held the certified status of two years. As per the new revisions, Cisco has increased the certified status duration to three years.

Migrating from v5.0 to v6.0

As per the announcement, CCIE Security v6.0 will be replacing v5.0 completely from 24 Feb’20, candidates have also been in a fury regarding the migration and how will that affect their current credential status. Cisco hence put forth the following guideline:

  • If the candidate clears the written v5.0 exam before 24 Feb’20, he can take security v6.0 lab exam post 24 Feb’20.
  • Candidates whose current credential status expires post 24 Feb’20  will be upgraded as per new policy.
  • If candidates clear both CCIE written and CCIE lab exam before 24 Feb’20, he’ll received the title and certification of Cisco Certified Specialist – Security.

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