CCNA Certification Training, Course Fees, Exam Duration

CCNA Training And Certification Course Fees

CCNA Certification Training, Course Fees, Exam Duration

CCNA Overview

Cisco Certifies Networking Associate or CCNA as it is abbreviated is an associate level technical certification designed for individuals who want to provide better network solutions. Though being vendor specific i.e. CISCO, the certification has been a stepping stone for individual seeking knowledge and training in the networking technology ecosystem.

Professionals undergoing this course are bound to have the skill set to manage LAN and WAN troubleshooting and are capable of supporting and configuring small to medium size networks.

CCNA is your foundation level of certification, which aims at helping you understand basic concepts of networking technology and is most sought by professionals who want to proceed to profession level i.e. CCNP and expert level i.e. CCIE.

The certification is available in nine different tracks namely:

CCNA Certification Training, Course Fees, Exam Duration

1) CCNA Routing & Switching (R&S)
2) CCNA Cyber Ops
3) CCNA Wireless
4) CCNA Cloud
5) CCNA Data Center
6) CCNA Security
7) CCNA Collaboration
8) CCNA Industrial
9) CCNA Service Provider

However, the most popular ones are CCNA R&S, CCNA Security & CCNA Collaboration.

a) CCNA R&S: Covers the basic aspects of networking technologies like routing, switching, the IP addressing schemes necessary to manage and maintain various LAN or WAN technologies. This knowledge enables an individual to set up and configure Cisco switches and routers in any Cisco network.

b) CCNA Security: This certification and training aimed at enabling an individual to be capable of detecting and securing the network against various threats and vulnerabilities that arise in time.

c) CCNA Collaboration: The certification track combines the voice and video track that was previously available as two different courses. It aims at training an individual who wants to advance and develop their telephony and video skills with respect to convergence of various video, voice and data applications today.


Certification training duration for various CCNA tracks largely depends on the tracks one choose to follow and also on the time available at hand of the individual. The training cost comprises of both the theory and practical lab and varied depending on how much exposure how much time one needs to spend on understanding the concepts and gain practical knowledge of the topic.

Below listed is a comprehensive data of the primary training tracks, duration, and the cost required. The training cost doesn’t include the exam fees.

Certification Track


Regular Batch: 35-40 days Rs 8500
Fast-Track: 12 days  Rs 15000
Weekend (Sat & Sun): 6 Weekends Rs 8500

CCNA Security

Regular Batch: 25 days Rs 14000
Fast-Track: 10 days  Rs 19000
Weekend (Sat & Sun): 5 Weekends Rs 14000

CCNA Collaboration/Voice

Regular Batch: 40-45 days Rs 26000
Fast-Track: 15-20 days  Rs 32000
Weekend (Sat & Sun): 7 Weekends Rs 26000

Exam Pattern

CCNA exam includes 50-60 questions, which can be Multiple Choice (single and multiple answers), Drag-and-Drop, Sim, Simlet, Testlet. The time limit for one attempt is 90 min.

Certification Cost

After finishing the associate level training of the desired track, the aspirant can choose to appear for their professional certification exam from the vendor. Exam centers are available all over the globe for aspirants. The exam cost for all the CCNA tracks is 300 USD expect CCNA R&S for which it is 325 USD.

Individual also can avail the test for these track at home via a self-administered portal or can sign up to their nearest Pearson Vue test center, which is a global partner for conducting exams. However, ones you choose to train with Networkers Guru, hassle-free arrangements can be made for one pursuing their exams.


The passing score stands for 80%, failing to which one can attempt for retrial.
Also, the validity of any Cisco certification is 3 years, hence, individuals need to either gain another higher certification within that period or opt for re-certification with the span of following 3 years, failing to which the certification loses its value.

Must Check

Before signing up to the exam, one must check if the exam code for eg, CCNA 200-125 for R&S is still viable and accepted since you don’t want to sign up for an expired exam.

Future Scopes

Ones you are certified CCNA, you can continue to follow other higher level professional tracks. The certification also helps to improve your job prospect compared to uncertified professionals.

CCNA by Networkers Guru
Networkers Guru is among one of the key players imparting training in CISCO & Microsoft technologies all over the globe. The hands-on lab, the dedication of the expert panel is the very reason for its tremendous growth over the years. Networkers Guru provides the best CCNA Certification Training in Delhi, Gurgaon & India. We have best course fees structure, exam clearing techniques, and expert trainers.

CCNA Certification Training, Course Fees, Exam Duration

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