5 Topics That You Must Need To Cover For CCNA Examination

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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a very hot networking certification for quite some time now. The program is specifically designed to provide a solid insight into the Cisco’s Internetwork OS and the networking practices as well. A lot of IT companies now ask the potential employees to have a CCNA certification. A lot of institutes are available all over the country which prepares you for the CCNA examination. The Networkers Guru is one such reputable institution which provides extensive training for a lot of Cisco certifications including CCNA.

Topics that you must know before sitting for a CCNA examination:

According to the Networkers Guru, the following is a list of some CCNA topics, with details which you must know before sitting for its examination:

  • TCP/IP and the OSI model – This is one of the most fundamental topics covered under the training for the CCNA certification. It gives you an overview of the OSI model and how an actual network works in a system. The students sitting for the online CCNA examination should have a deep understanding of all the 7 OSI layers including the Physical layer, Data Link layer, Network layer, Transport layer, Session Layer, Presentation layer and the Application layer. All these layers together form the OSI model and it is considered as the foundation of any networking course. The students should have a thorough understanding of all the layers and why they are required in a network model.
  • IPv6 – The latest version of the internet protocol is given the name IPv6, which basically stands for Internet Protocol Version 6. This topic incorporates a more complex and comprehensive version of the IP addressing scheme as the previous one are near to get saturated and very soon are suppose to get obsolete.
  • Subnetting – Subnetting is probably one of the most interesting topics of the certification. It is a logical topic which needs you to concentrate thoroughly on the dynamics of a network structure. Subnetting process actually breaks large complex networks into smaller manageable parts. Performance issues of the network can easily be resolved by using this unique technique. Further, it also becomes easier to maintain your network when it is broken down into smaller manageable parts.
  • Network Address Translation – The Network Address Translation or NAT works with the IPv4 where the addresses in IPv4 are modified while they are in transit through a network. The basic NAT or the one-to-one NAT is the simplest of all the NAT types which actually connects two networks having incompatible addressing. It is one of the most used NAT types as most of the employees and network users deploy this NAT type for remote accessing of systems through a network.

Wireless Access

The final core topic in the syllabus of Networkers Guru is the Wireless access. Just as the name suggests, the topic deals with wireless internet connectivity using different wireless devices including routers, switches, repeaters, and amplifiers etc.


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