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Nowadays people seem pretty interested in network certifications provided by the Cisco Systems. Especially people in the field of networking often talk about them. What are the certifications provided by the Cisco Systems? This may be a question asked by people who are taking networking as their career job. One of them is CCNA Certification which is provided with the Associate level of networking professionals. Cisco’s CCNET certification normally precedes the Associate level certifications.

CCNA Security Certification Training- Networkers Guru

The Cisco Certified Networking Associate is further divided into eight tracks. Security, routing and switching, voice, video, service provider, service provider operations, wireless and data center are the topics in which the eight tracks are divided. To get this certification one must pass the Examination taken by Cisco Systems in the specified Cisco Examination Center.

Also, Cisco Certified Network Professional certification, known as the CCNP certification is another certification provided by Cisco Systems. It is the next level of the Associate level certification. Similar to the CCNA certification CCNP is also divided into further eight tracks which are exactly the same as the Associate level certification. This certification recognizes a person as a professional in the field he/she takes the exam.

Chose CCNA Security certification training

Security is a track one can choose while appearing in the examination in both Associate and Professional level. Cisco certification for associates is commonly known as CCNA Security and that for professionals is known as CCNP Security.  The Examination consists of both written exams and lab practical in order to take a good measurement of their skills.

If you want to appear in the CCNA security examination, you must have Cisco CCNET certification or CCNA certification or any of CCIE certification. The examination can be taken by receiving the training first or you can do self-study for it if you want. Many institutions provide training for those examinations including lab practices. You can get plenty of reading materials from the official website of Cisco if you choose to study on your own. After that, you should take your exam, both written and lab, in the exam centers approved by Cisco.

CCNP Security exams can also be taken by people who know about networking. In order to take the Exam, you must possess CCNA security certification or any CCIE certification. You can only appear in the examination if you have one among the two certifications. The process of taking this exam is similar to taking the associate level exam. Like CCNA the training for this examination is also available which offers you knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. Alternately, you can take the exam by studying at home. You can get many reading materials for the preparation of the examination.

Cisco Systems had already been a brand name in certifications related to networking. Cisco has been providing the opportunity of testing skills and making any networking professional recognized by their certifications since 2002. This facility not only develops professionalism but also will help them whenever they want to prove their abilities in the world of networking.


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