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The Networkers Guru explains that undertaking the CCNP Route Exam in itself is a big undertaking and the CCNP exam path typically begins with the CCNP Route Exam. The Route exam is a very extensive testing of the candidate’s skills in managing, configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting of Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs). If the students have previously earned the CCNA certification, then taking the CCNP certification would further sharpen their networking skills and would also make them more knowledgeable and accomplished with all of the Cisco products which are dominating the network industry of the entire world.

The Networkers Guru, training center in New Delhi, India repeatedly reminds all the prospective candidates to keep themselves updated about all the changes that come with the CCNP Route Exam structure. All the certifications of Cisco keep on evolving with time with the advent and intrusion of all the technologies in the domain of networking.

CCNP Route Exam Changes:

The Networkers Guru details that the CCNP Route Exam recently had a lot of changes in the design structure and implementation of tasks. The previous set of certification exam focused primarily on the theoretical material and some focus was also on the configuration and troubleshooting of the Command Line Interface (CLI). But now the structure has completely evolved. The newer set of CCNP certification exams gives extra emphasis on the practical part by also giving technological theory its due share. Specifically, the newer set of certification exam focuses mainly on the implementation and verification plans which should essentially become a major part of prospective candidates training and study material.

The students shouldn’t get confused here about both the plans as they are very simple. The implementation plan is automatically followed by all, regardless of if it is available in the written form or not. It basically details a comprehensive list of tasks which tells that how a particular thing should be implemented in the network.

Everybody can have a different approach in this and it will be acceptable if all the approaches converge to one single point which is the desired result.

The same goes for the critical and the much-discussed verification plan. Everybody can have their very own verification methods, but they all should be good enough to logically verify what is implemented. Make sure that the verification of any implementation is durable and there is very less chance of failure.

Preparing for the CCNP Route Exam:

The last thing comes down to the selection of your methods to prepare for the important CCNP Route Exam. Everybody can have a different approach according to their suitability or comfort. If you want to self-study, then you can do so by gathering all the study material and the sample exam paper which you can solve to practice for the real exam. If you think that you need some expert guidance, then you always have reputable training centers like Networkers Guru who will extensively prepare you to pass the CCNP Routing Exam.


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