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“Make every moment in life memorable not just by doing fun but also by establishing yourself”

Life is a roller coaster ride for every individual. It has fun, disappointments, success, a little bit of anxiety and many such things.   Being a student is the best phase of life. One gets to do everything that is merely possible at a later stage.

For a student along with fun and mischief, the focus is highly important.  Although they don’t have too many responsibilities to carry yet career planning is based on their decision. They are both the creator and the destroyer of their career. Just after passing out from school the race begins to achieve the best position in college, universities and later in the job.

A proper career in life is more than a necessity.  The students may fail to realize it now, but there will be a time when everything will revolve around your career.

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First focus on what you want to do

Students tend to lose focus on a thing very quickly and that creates all the chaos.  The career choice should be made with complete focus as quick changes will not be possible over here. Never make your career flexible with options, it gets off track.

A student may be interested in doing IT related networking courses like CCNA training and some other CISCO courses (CCNP routing & switching certification, CCNA routing & switching, CCNA collaboration, CCNA voice certification, CCNA data centre). If so, then he should completely focus on it and stop intruding in other career options.

The future of IT is quite booming as more and more investments are going to come in. In such a scenario if a student is thinking of taking up networking courses like CCNP, it will obviously be a phenomenal idea.

Along with focus what extras does a student need?

Interest in a subject is also important in the long run.  The CCIE course is not an easy one to pursue until and unless a candidate loves to read about technology.

If a candidate is unable to understand the subject or a course then it will be useless to pursue. One should always understand the basic structure of a subject before pursuing it.

Nothing can be achieved without handwork of a person. A student must work hard to get the ultimate success in whichever domain he or she is working.

A student has every right to enjoy and celebrate the way he wants to do, but career comes first. It helps to shape up the life of any student. There is nothing wrong to be a party maniac but also be a career oriented individual.

All wish to have a good life and for that be an obedient student and follow your career graph just the way you follow each and every chat in WhatsApp.


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