CCNP Switch Exam Description

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CCNP Switch Exam Description:

The Networkers Guru explains everything about the CCNP switch exam in detail both on their website and also during their training sessions. There have been rapid changes in the switching exam over the past few years. The candidates need to thoroughly research and understand the structure of the exam before they prepare for it and take their exam. The CCNP as in 2014 is consolidated into three courses and test with a lot of focus on the technical and practical aspects of networking.

As far as the switching exam is concerned, the CCNP switch exam not only covers the generally switching aspects but also extensively covers the layer 3 switching abilities, voice over IP (VOIP), security video services and its high-level connectivity. Thus, the students are required to cover all other related aspects with switching capabilities in order to fully prepare for the exam and know the ways of CCNP switch exam.

CCNP Switch ExamSwitching equipment recommendations:

Switching exam can be a bit tougher than the routing CCNP exam as explained by the professionals from Networkers Guru. One critical part of the switching exam, as opposed to the routing exam, is that it doesn’t give you any inexpensive way for getting hands-on experience with the switching devices. All the emulators available in the market have got everything to emulate except switches. This means the only thing that you can do in such cases is to buy a real switch, but that can be a very expensive thing to do for just preparing yourself for the CCNP exam.

At a much higher level beyond the CCNP exam, investing in buying a switch can be justified as that becomes a mandatory thing to survive in the competitive networking industry. The best thing that students can do in such cases is to join a training center which has real networking switches which you can use to learn in order to prepare for the exam.

The Networkers Guru training center in New Delhi, India has got the Cisco 2550 and Cisco 3560 switches which you will be taught to configure and troubleshoot. Another benefit of joining Networkers Guru training institute is that you will learn everything that you need to give the CCNP certification exam.

The students can search for used switches on eBay and other such sites and remember that even a second-hand switch can cost you $500 or above.

CCNP Switching Exam difference:

The Networkers Guru explains that there has been a lot of revision in the CCNP but the major differences were in the features and functionality of the switches which has evolved over time. The core concepts of the switching exam remain almost the same. The key thing for students to consider here is that all the modern switches along with the routers are running the IOS. If you want to configure a layer 3 switch then it is almost same as configuring any standard router. A lot of candidates prefer to take the ROUTE exam first, so this thing would considerably help them in the SWITCH CCNP exam certification.


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