How Christmas time celebrate at award-winning CISCO training institute?

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The year is almost coming to an end, and celebrations have already started for Christmas.  Not on the full swing though, yet people have already made their plans and booked tickets at different places.

It will be fascinating to know that how an institution like Networkers Guru which completely deals with IT related work celebrate Christmas. Networkers Guru consists of a heterogeneous group of people associated with it and therefore the celebration has a level of grandeur.

In any celebration, the primary focus of NG is to amalgamate students and staff members from all courses and create a memorable day filled with fun and happiness.

How award winning CISCO Training Institute celebrate Christmas?

25th of December is a compulsory holiday for all and therefore the celebration happens a day before

  •    The first stage of celebration begins with a little CSR activity.  Both students from courses like CCNA security and the trainers are involved. Our management decides a particular area, and the team travels to donate basic necessities of a living. This year the team has planned to donate woolen garments to street children begging at the traffic signal. This is the most honest attempt at celebrating such a festival.
  •    Throughout the year, people work inside the same cluttered cubicle overlooking another one. But Christmas demands a change in the interior design.  The staff members decorate the entire office to break the monotony for few days
  •    The team at NG organizes musical events on Christmas Eve.  It is inevitable that Christmas celebration is incomplete without carols. The student at the institute sings carols to make the evening musically soulful.
  •    The Christmas gatherings at NG mainly take place at the banquet of some star hotel in Gurgaon. All staff, students, trainers, management, founder members, and even alumni are invited to celebrate the moment.
  •    The Christmas dinner is a lavish affair at Networkers Guru. All kinds of continental dishes get served, and it treats the employees with the finest baked cake in Delhi.

Why Christmas is celebrated in an extravagant way in the most popular CCIE voice institutes in India?

Winter is that time of the year when the celebration begins. The Christmas celebration is not just to uphold the integrity of a religion, but to enhance togetherness among trainers and students.

Networking courses are completely based on trainers’ guidance and practical classes. The student must share a good compatibility with the trainers otherwise things get messed up. This occasion is also meant to create a confluence of the student, trainers, and alumni.

Brand management is another vital reason to celebrate Christmas in such a grand way.  NG is already an established brand in the educational forum, and to uphold the status it is necessary to create such a larger than life occasion.


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