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Cisco System, Inc. is a multi-billion dollar company headquartered in the United States of America which designs, manufactures and sells computer parts, and networking equipment etc. Understanding the student’s ever-growing interest in the field of IT, the company started taking five types of examinations i.e. Entry level, Associate level, Professional level, Expert level and Architect level examination, to distinguish excellent students in the field of IT. Cisco Certification is IT Professional Certification that verifies your IT intellect status and helps you get better Job Opportunity in better companies.

Cisco Certificate meant for a Better Job Opportunity – Networkers Guru

CCNA or Cisco-Certified Networking Associates are an examination carried out by Cisco for CCNA certification. CCNA exams are unique in terms of questions and passing score. The questions that appear in one exam are never repeated in another exam. Therefore, each time candidates will have a tough time answering the question properly. Similarly, the passing score also keeps on changing according to the threshold in each exam. Due to this reason, exam administrators never reveal a fixed passing score before the examination. Candidates who pass this examination can easily install, configure, operate and troubleshoot problems in Local Area Network of your business firm. Besides that, the operator will also be able to implement and verify connections to remote sites in Wide Area Network.

Cisco Certificate now become the prime requirement

CCIE or Cisco-Certified Internetwork Expert is the fourth level of an examination carried out by Cisco for CCIE certification. Indeed, CCIE is the greatest level of certification provided by Cisco after CCAr or Cisco-Certified Architect certification. CCIE is equally challenging and unique examination as in each examination session the questions are totally new and passing score is not pre-fixed. As a matter of fact, the passing score is different in each examination depending upon the threshold of the examination. You will be amazed to know that only 1% of total network professionals pass the examination and 3% of total network engineers pass the exam. From here, you can conclude that the examination is very tough and without a formal training and help of a professional it is very hard to pass the examination. Cisco Networking Academy provides formal learning handbooks and practical techniques to the candidates to pass the examination. Hence, CCIE training can be a very good approach to excel in the examination.

Cisco certification always comes in handy while applying for a job in networking section of any business firms or organizations. The first thing that the interviewers will ask you is your experience and if you have years of experience in the networking field, then it is okay – you might get the job but if you don’t have any experience, you may rarely get the networking job. But, if you are Cisco certified, then you stand out in the crowd. Companies won’t even ask a second question when you show your CCNA or CCIE certificate to them.

Therefore, it’s worth taking CCNA and CCIE examinations even though they are very costly and require a lot of dedication to pass.


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