How to take Cisco Certification Exam?

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Cisco has been offering a different level of Cisco Certification Exam that an individual can opt for. The Entry level, the Associate level, the Professional level, the Expert level and the Architect level are the five levels that have been offered by the Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Certification Exam is the popular choice for computer networking

Among all the different certifications offered by Cisco, the CCIE Certification exam of the Expert level has the most prestigious recognition all over the world and every network personnel who has got some skills in the networking field has a wish to get a Cisco Certification Exam from Cisco which can be achieved by appearing on the CCDE exam and the CCIE certification exam. So if you too want to take the Cisco certification exam you may want to begin with the Entry level and then move on further to get the Expert level certification and then finally the Architect level accreditation.
You need not worry if you have no knowledge of network as you can easily begin with the Entry level with the basics however having some computer knowledge is essential and it cannot be learned through any of the Cisco Certification Exam. Therefore anyone with basic computer knowledge and no networking knowledge at all can easily start up with the Entry level and move on to get the highest certification from Cisco.

Besides CCIE Certification Exam, Cisco Systems also take exams for CCNA and CCNP certification. Cisco CCNA exam also known as Cisco-certified Network Associates is the first level Cisco certification which validates that the candidate is able to correctly install, configure, operate and troubleshoot small network problems. Similarly, CCNA voice is the associate certification that ensures that the candidate is able to administer a voice network.

Cisco Certification Exam is one the leading certification – Networkers Guru

Any candidate who is taking the CCIE Certification Exam has to take a two-hour examination at an authorized test center. The exam will consist of 90 to110 questions on average which can be a combination of multiple choice or interactive structural questions that will access the technical knowledge of the candidate. The scores are given between 300 and 1000 but the score to pass the test is not consistent. The passing score is always set by a rigorous statistical analysis of the scores of all the candidates and the fee to appear in the examination is $350.

After the completion of the Cisco Certification Exam the result of the written examination is available immediately after the examination, and hence the candidate will be eligible to participate in the second phase of the examination. Lab examination administered by Cisco is considered to be far more difficult than the written examination. The time duration of the lab examination is not the same for all the tracks but is 8 hours in general.

The candidate is required to solve a series of complex network problems and in order to pass the exam, the candidate has to secure about 80% of the total marks. After this, the candidate will be recognized as an expert in networking. Either you opt for taking the CCIE Certification Exam or the CCNA Certification Exam you must know the prerequisites and hence plan accordingly.


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