Different level of Cisco Certification

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The Networkers Guru training center is a reputable institute to get all sorts of knowledge and training on Cisco certifications because Networkers Guru has a different level of Cisco certification. The institution has a state of the art lecture rooms with all the network equipment which are required to train for a Cisco exam. Further, the training is provided by qualified teachers who themselves are Cisco certified professionals and it is for this reason they are the best teachers to guide you all about the examination and its preparation techniques.

What is a Cisco Certification?

The Cisco has a different level of Cisco certification which you can choose according to your requirements and expertise. Generally, the name Cisco refers to the act of installation and configuration of different types of switches, routers and several other types of network devices. The ability to play with such devices proofs that a person is a professional expert with the Cisco products.

The five Cisco certifications namely are Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect. All these different level of Cisco certification are beautifully designed where the candidates learn about the all the networking principles and devices in a very systematic way.

The Cisco certification has an organized hierarchy but it is not mandatory for the candidate to start from the first level and then go on passing each certification one by one. Rather, the candidate could directly jump to any certification for which he thinks he is capable of. He just has to prepare himself and can take the test. The Networkers Guru can be the best training center in New Delhi India if you are looking to train for any Cisco certification.

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Different level of Cisco certification.:

The Networkers Guru defines the five levels of Cisco certification as follows:

  • Entry Level – It is the first level of certification which tests you on very basic networking principles. The students here can get a good insight into a lot of network things and can start a career somewhere as a network technician or a help desk network assistant. Students who have good basic knowledge of the networking basics can kip this certification easily and can jump to the next level of certification.
  • Associate – The next or the second level of certification is basically the fundamental networking certificate. According to some experts, the career paths after attaining the associate level certification are still the same as the entry-level certification. But, here the students will have much concrete knowledge about the working of networking essentials along with several wired and wireless networking devices.
  • Professional – It is a professional certification which can raise your professional career to the managerial level. This certification involves a lot more intense and in-depth knowledge of the networks.
  • Expert – The expert certification level is considered as the highest rank for technical networking training. This certification makes you good enough to solve all complex networking issues very professionally.
  • Architect – The architect-level certification is for design accreditation of Cisco programs. The network architect can very professionally design any complex networks and can give an expert opinion about the suitability of a specific network in some specific location.


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