How to get a CCIE certification?

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It is true that the IT industry will have a better future in the years to come.  There will be more job opportunities and an unprecedented growth for the employees.  Seldom can an industry be found which can have such a big expansion?

IT has different parts with CCIE as a major foundation. There are many people interested in opting for this course.  CCIE routing and switching is a professional certification in routing and switching technologies. It mainly deals with different kinds of networks and its complications.

Now to get a CCIE certification there are certain things which should be known to every aspiring candidate.

Here we will talk about the different pre requisites to undergo CCIE certification. At first, it should be made clear that there is no such compulsion of a specific educational background. One can apply for this course from any field.  At first, there is a written test and a lab exam later which is based on practical knowledge.

Let’s highlight the two in details

  • Written test on CCIE routing and switching– All the institutions take a written test for candidates who want to apply for this course.  The test is generally two hours long and covers different networking concepts and functionalities. This is the only test where the student is judged on their prior knowledge about the subject.  By conducting this test an institution tries to have a little overview of the candidate’s background and how much efficient a person is in taking up this platform.                                                                                                            CCIE Routing and Switching
  • Lab exam- After the written test there is lab exam which gets conducted. This is mainly done to check on the practical ability of an individual. A task is assigned and the person has to complete it within a specific time period. The lab exam is a little difficult in terms of application.  It takes time to pass the lab exam. There are cases where people failed to crack in the initial phase. One should always aim for this within 18 to 20 months of passing the written one. By that time a person acquires a good level of confidence and can get ready for undergoing the lab exam. It is essential to have an in-depth knowledge on the subject before appearing for the test.

Note- If a candidate is unable to pass the lab exam within three years after appearing for the written test then he should again start from the beginning.

The certification on CCIE routing is indeed an important one for people who wants to get better in this field. There will be better opportunities that will start coming once a person gets the certification.  The above two steps are the only ways by which a person can get a certification on this platform.

Prepare yourself thoroughly and make it a point to pass the examination with good marks.


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