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Books are definitely an integral part of every course but there is something else which a student requires to achieve an in-depth knowledge. There is a huge difference in what we learn and what we are offered to do in the industry. Something has to bridge the gap.

Practical training is very important in all courses especially if it is networking.  Although books give us the best kind of knowledge yet a well-oriented training is necessary for a candidate to do well in the industry.

Networking is completely based on practical training. Here we will be talking about CCNP Routing and Switching which is an important segment of networking. The course is completely based on routing and switching technologies and helps a candidate to plan, create and even implement various networking issues.

As said in the beginning that there are few courses which completely depends on practical training. CCNP routing and switching have everything to do with this. A student can have a good knowledge on this subject if his training goes well.

Why choose Networkers Guru as the best place for CCNP R&S?

Networkers Guru is an institution where training is given the ultimate priority in every course. Both in-house and trainers from the industry come to take classes. In networking, the purpose of training is to make student ready to face the industry.

Once a candidate starts working in an industry there will be several complicated tasks that have to be completed within a specific time. There comes the need for a proper training.  A candidate with a good training will eventually find it easy to solve the issue and complete the work successfully.

At Networkers Guru, every candidate will receive the best kind of training.

Needless to say that if a candidate has opted for CCNP routing and switching then he must have a profound knowledge on every aspect.

Apart from training there are several other advantages which a student gets from the institute and they are

  • Access to the lab- Students can use the lab and even the apparatus for all kinds of project that are assigned to them.
  • The devices that are used are all CISCO certified.
  • Flexible batch timings- This can hardly be found in any other institute. Networkers Guru offers flexible batch timings to students for their benefit.

The institution is completely focused on the all-round development of the students. Every candidate who becomes a part of this institution is eligible for good jobs in the industry.

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