How To Crack CCNP Exam

How To Crack CCNP Exam In The First Attempt

How To Crack CCNP Exam In The First AttemptIf you are a recent telecom grad or network engineering aspirant,  then you are possibly well aware of the telecom and networking giants like Cisco,  Juniper in the market. Any certification or credentials that prove your skillset or mastery over the topic is worth having.

Cisco certifications and credentials are one such badge every network professional would like to highlight on his resume. Hence, these certifications are held in high regard in the community. Cisco enlists specific tracks for anyone who chooses to follow the certification path for specific network technology, namely there is a different track for Cisco Security Professionals while a different track for Cisco Wireless Professional.

Hence if you want to clear and earn your CCNP credential in the very first attempt, the following tips may come in handy.

Understand The Course Syllabus

How To Crack CCNP Exam In The First AttemptOnce you decided to undertake the professional level certification, you need to make sure you have all the necessary resources, Hence its always wise to go through the entire syllabus course since they are constantly updated and the candidate must make sure to follow the right syllabus depending on the exam version as well.

For example, CCNP Routing Switching syllabus comprises of the following:

(CCNP) Routing and Switching certification: 300-101 ROUTE | 300-115 SWITCH | 300-135 TSHOOT

Similarly, you will be having specific exam codes and syllabus for different tracks like Security, Wireless & Collaboration.

Opt For a Training Institute Or an Experienced Professional

While when dealing with network and technology professional profiles; it is always advisable to seek professional help and guidance. Hence opting for a training institute like Networkers Guru, is a better choice since it allows one to have hands-on experience in labs, which is better than a simulated computer environment. This helps a CCNP aspirant to understand things concepts better.

Manage Your Time During The Exam

Get well versed with the type of questions that appear in the exam. This will help you to manage your time while attempting questions of multiple formats. With clear concepts and practical knowledge, you can get around scenario-based questions faster.

Clear Your Concepts, Sound Knowledge of The Material is Necessary

Networking is a practical field and hence it makes it essential for the individual working on the devices and systems of being of sound knowledge. Clear concepts and knowledge will help you save time during your exam, especially when they are timed and proctored.

Cleared knowledge of protocols, addressing and network topologies, comes in handy even though the exams are under constant revision.

Manage to Refer Multiple Resources and Reference Books

Though a study kit will accompany the exam kit, it is very much advisable to not keep oneself limited to that. Refer to the official notes and books released from time to time. Today, ample of video resources and online forum help are available to help an individual taking the certification path.

Apart from that, a professional training institute like Networkers Guru provides a well-comprised and concise material for individuals training under them. This helps them to fast face their learning and even provides an opportunity to get help from industry professionals available at hand.

Take Mock Exams

It is highly advisable for any individual taking exams to go through mock exams to ease out the nervousness that might one come across. Mock exams help aspirants to understand the exam scenarios better, and with practice, they can gauge their level as to where there fall on the progress chart. This helps them to plan and work on their weak and strong points and can be a lifesaver.

Networkers Guru

How To Crack CCNP Exam In The First Attempt

Working under a certified industry professional is a different experience and advantage altogether. Trainers at Networkers Guru are CCIE certified professionals and hence have a strong knowledge and experience in mentoring individual, helping them to avoid the pitfall one might fall into. This increased an aspirant’s chance of cracking the CCNP exam in the very first attempt.

Overall, a dedicated mind and professional guidance are what one needs to clear technology certifications. If you are willing to go to an extra mile and take efforts in learning and understanding concepts, technology certifications like CCNP and CCIE are not difficult to attain.

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