How To Pass CCIE Written And Lab Exam

How To Pass CCIE Written And Lab Exam In First Attempt

CCIE Certification holds a key status in the computer networking community among technology professionals. The certification claims to be the most prestigious IT Networking Certification a candidate can hold. The technology community tries to keep up with the evolving stack and hence professionals are in dire need to keep themselves updated with the current trends in the technology ecosystem. So how can an individual clear the reputed CCIE written and lab exam in the first attempt? Let’s take a look.

Professionals with CCIE are considered highest paid professionals as achieving the milestone requires a lot of hard work, time and dedication. Hence, it’s worthwhile to clear both the written and labs in the first attempt of the CCIE exam.

Below listed are few tips that can assure you to clear the certification in the first attempt.

Seek an Experienced Teacher / Institute

If you really need to excel at the certification exam, then it’s quite imperative to learn from the leaders and experienced professionals in this field. Choose the right institute that provides ample guidance and lab training opportunities under the guidance of CCIE certified professionals.

Keep Your Self-Updated with Curriculum

Be well versed with the curriculum, follow the official CCIE blogs for updates and practice workbooks since the stack is under constant revision. Also, keep in touch with the lab software and adhere to the same during your practice lab sessions.

Be Well Versed with Networking Technologies and Topologies

While the stack is in constant revision from time to time, one needs to pay close attention to the topologies that are asked in the exam, since sometimes the topologies are repeated over a small duration of time, though knowing all the topologies at hand is equally important. This will ease out and improvise your chances.

Get Rigorous Lab Training by Trained Professionals (CCIE)

Lab, lab and lab, rigorous training and lab time are required under trained CCIE in a real lab infrastructure. You have 8 hr lab exam time to face, hence one must be fully acquainted with the practical devices instead of computer simulator programs. The more time you give to practice in the real-life lab infrastructure, the less stressed you would be during your actual lab exam. Guidance under professional will help you overcome practical issues with tips.

Manage Your Time, Speed and Have Clear Concepts

Admit it, it’s a practical field. And no cramming of stuff is going to get through it. Hence it will be wise enough to keep your concepts crystal clear. This will help you to even solve problems that you had come across during practice with small changes.

Lab exams are timed, learn to manage your time and speed up with solving the problems, since you need to complete the exam within the allotted time. You will need to be really quick with solutions if you want to clear the exam in a single go.

During practice, start slow, understand the concept and one you are clear with them, pace up.

Consider Multiple Resources and Books

No single book or resources will be sufficient enough if you think of clearing the CCIE. Networking is pretty vast, hence you must consider using multiple books, Cisco released documents, press books, RFC’s and other online course materials. Ask your peers for reference materials, and if you are practicing in a group, share resources.

A number of informative blogs are also available online, that can really come in handy.

Mock Exams Before Lab Exam

Take a mock exam before your actual lab date. This will help you practice in the same stressful lab exam scenarios. And the more you are acquainted with it, the less stressed you will be during your actual lab exam date.
A number of virtual platforms are available to practice your exam from home or you can enroll in boot camps for the lab exam. Such practice of online test and simulator will help you gauge your networking knowledge at hand.

If you adhere to all the above points and keep practicing your labs under expert guidance. You can be assured to clear both lab and written exam in one go and earn yourself the prestigious CCIE number.


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