4 Weeks CCIE Study Plan – How to study for CCIE? Study Plan & Tips

How to study for CCIE? 

ccie study plan tipsCisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) is considered to be the most prestigious certification to be attained by networking professionals. Owing to the growing adaptation of new technologies evolving at a faster pace than ever, the professionals awaiting to attain competency in the industry move forward by achieving this credential. Hence, it becomes ardent that the professionals prepare with laser focus and planning to develop competency and establish themselves their expertise as an experienced IT professional.

CCIE exam consists of two parts, the Written exam and Lab exam, hence it becomes crucial that the study plan to be prepared keeping in mind the weightage as per the syllabus of the paper the candidate is appearing for. As per the latest update, considering the syllabus for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. Candidate should plan the study plan as per the weightage to the topic of the syllabus so that they remain focus on the key areas that help them score and clear the exam effectively.

Study Plan:

how to study for ccieAggregate all essential study resources:

Arguably it is the most important of all the steps, to prepare well for your written exam, the preparation kit, CCIE blueprint from the resources and relevant books, other than the ones available from Cisco.

Make sure you have access to workbooks as well as they would help you prepare better and more effectively along with the previous exam dumps.

Depending on your preferred learning style, one needs to pick up his required study method namely,

  • Reading
  • Videos: Multiple vendors provide ample 
  • Flashcards
  • Cisco Labs
Go through the Exam format:

Get well versed with the exam format, the CCIE exam includes multiple-choice questions, multiple options questions as well as ample of scenario-based question. This will help you understand how to manage your time across the entire exam session. Opt for ample of mocks and simulation exam to help to gain more traction in your preparation.

As per the new announcement in the recent Cisco event, CCIE certification requires only a lab exam over 8 hours ( 5 + 3 ) in the case of CCIE enterprise infrastructure. 

Prepare a study schedule ( BootCamp / Self Study / Study Group ):

Once you are thorough with your aggregation of resources and the exam format, you need to prepare a daily schedule to balance your preparation time and your work life if you chose to continue. This will help you divide your time as per the syllabus and the section-time requirement.

Focus more time on topics that require more attention and have more weightage on the weekends, since you will be able to dedicate more time. If you plan to attend a bootcamp, assure that you are able to allot sufficient time for the same, amounting that you have time for practicing them on a simulator as well.

Take regular breaks as necessary:

Preparing for CCIE under a short time takes a toll on the mental strength and hence, it is necessary to schedule sufficient break time and appropriate sleep amidst your preparation for the same.

Allot sufficient time for practical labs, as you are short on time, it’s advisable to work on it at the weekends or after completing the theoretical part of the courseware since it helps you gain more tract over the topic.

Schedule your exam

how to study for ccie examHead to the Certified Cisco Test Partner and go through the exam kit. Schedule your exam if you feel you have done sufficient lab time and are thorough with the concepts of the CCIE track you opt to follow. It is essential to schedule the exam, so that once after you are done with the preparation, you can directly head to the final revision and preparation for the same, but spending more time working on the mock tests and practicing the labs.

How Networkers Guru Can Help

Networkers Guru has been the abode of the largest Cisco Training Lab facility in the country. The availability of a dedicated set of equipment under the supervision of the CCIE certified professional, and the fast track sessions pace the training effort taken by the individual in preparing themselves for the CCIE track at an effective rate. Networkers Guru takes into account all the aspects of the candidate’s overall development, hence is evident from their rising number of certified professionals over the years. 

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