Technical Team

technical team

What builds an institution? It is inevitable that the team working behind is the only strength which keeps an institution stand firmly without any hindrance. The team at Networkers Guru is a pride for the institute.

From technical experience, knowledge, and reliability all the team members at the institute are exceptional and are ready to deliver the finest quality work at every instant.

All the courses are technical and are handled by experienced trainers who have a vast amount of experience in the industry. They have served many corporates over the years, and their expertise is truly a big lesson for the students.

Our core team includes

The three most important people in our core team are worth mentioning.  They are considered to be the backbone of our institute and also the ultimate mentors of all the current students.


  1. Mr. Pradeep Kumar– Mr. Kumar is considered to be the master trainer in our institute.  He is a Quadruple CCIE#28269(R&S, Security, Voice, and SP). He takes some of the most important sessions with the students and delivers the finest lecture on respective subjects.
  2. Samrat Kamble– He holds a huge experience over the years in different industries, and his teaching style is highly appreciated by the students. The classes are always interactive where students can freely discuss their doubts. He also takes a lot of practical classes, and students are given a complete freedom to work in their own way. Samrat Kamble specializes in CCIE R&S Lab and CCIE Collaboration Written.
  3. Nitin Vashisht– One of the most significant trainers at NG. Mr. Nitin specializes in CCIE R&S written and Security. At Networkers Guru, Nitin Vashisht is famed as the most enthusiastic trainer, who can catapult any student towards his domain in a very short span of time.  His teaching methodology is unique, and students can easily get accustomed to it.

The technical team at NG is one of the pillars of the foundation. Without their support and involvement, we would have never reached the platform in which we are standing right now.