Is the CCIE Still Worth It In 2019 | CCIE Vs. SDN

Is the CCIE Still Worth It

The Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert popularly known as the CCIE certification has been about the most prestigious credential to hone in the IT industry. Professionals see this Cisco certification as their career pinnacle and have proved worth of the same, due to the investment of time & effort involved in the same over the last decades. Being provided by Cisco, which is the largest global manufacturer of networking equipment and frontrunner of networking solutions for all scale of business need, the certification proves of great value to the professionals in their IT career aspirations and the pride in showcasing their CCIE number.

Position in the technology & challenges

is ccie still worth it

CCIE certification was first awarded in 1993 and since then, has proved to be mettle worth to be gained by professionals and seen as a cash cow for candidates looking for a higher paycheck. The challenges that the professionals face for getting a CCIE certification isn’t meagre and takes a toll on its own, the vast syllabus coupled with far greater exposure to the practical knowledge at times requires months of training, nevertheless the high certification cost & long hour of the practical exam as well.

New Technologies & opinions are taken by the individuals taking up the CCIE

is ccie still worth it
With currently changing technologies scenarios, and the rise and extreme adaptation of virtualization services, it isn’t strange to come across the question whether the CCIE is worth the time & effort that has been put into it. Adaptation of cloud platforms like Amazon web services & Microsoft Azure on a commercial scale proves to distress a lot on the networking resources of the business and proves to be a viable option financially as well.

Understanding this need and Cisco’s need to keep CCIE relevant, the training team at Cisco has been working foot & nails to keep them up with the changing trends of technology. Over the period of last few years, they have been focusing on advanced concepts like cloud technology, networking programmability & IoT, though not to that depth as other concepts.

is ccie still worth it

Need to balance both

Cisco has been known for providing upgrades technology training to the professionals and has been successfully doing it in the past. Technologies like software-defined networking make heavy use of coding skills couples with networking knowledge, and hence it is of keen importance to balance both these requirements for Cisco in their upcoming training.

is ccie still worth it

With the advent of technologies like Software Defined Networking and the faster adaptability that the industrial professional has shown in recent years, it leaves very few rooms for legacy technologies. The in-depth technical knowledge that once the requirement to maintain the legacy systems, isn’t needed to that extent for professional working with SD-WAN technologies. Cloud technologies have been showcasing advanced development in recent years as well with the availability of technologies like hybrid cloud & the essential frameworks of securing them as well.

is ccie still worth it

Overrunning with all the current trends, it isn’t obvious for professionals to question the relevancy of CCIE today, as demands are more for cloud technology & networking programmability. But whenever it comes to forming an IT infrastructure and a team to handle the same, CCIE professionals are still seen as a safer bet to play through. CTO’s & CIO’s still prefer a CCIE professional to handle the networking needs of the business in comparison to other options, primarily because of the reputation and trust that has been bestowed on the credential. And as of today, there isn’t any other credential that matches the trust level that has been established by this Cisco certification over the decades.

CCIE Alternatives

For security professionals looking for a higher paycheck, CISSP i.e. Certified Information System Security can be a viable option as well. For networking professionals, CCIE still has a lot to offer in terms of job security, reputation & a higher paycheck. Their specialized tracks for each technology requirement of the business-like wireless, security, etc has been proved to be of great advantage to the industry till date.

is ccie still worth it

For professionals who have already decided to embark on a different journey then CCIE, industry experience with CCNP certification and network programming knowledge with skills like Python can provide them with ample opportunities. Cloud certification programs in AWS & Azure are viable options if one chosen to opt for cloud certifications from vendors other than Cisco. Amazon Web Services & Microsoft’s Azure Services have been the forefront runner in cloud technology.


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