Are You a Little Confused About Your Planning for CCIE Examination?

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Our CCIE examination experts will let you know right ways of success.

Any kind of exam needs a good amount of preparation to do well. One has to invest quality time to achieve a good result. Any candidate appearing for a CISCO examination has to have a good knowledge and undergo a robust training. Networkers Guru is a premium institution which provides quality training to students appearing for different CISCO examinations. The institute is now the most recommended one in North India.

Here we will be discussing the preparation phase for a CCIE examination. All the details will get unveiled in this blog.

Remember that the CCIE examination is divided into parts. One is written and the other is Lab. A candidate has to appear in both to get the certification. The written exam is completely based on your theoretical knowledge while the practical one demands a good hold over lab training.  Once you get through the written exam you have to wait for more than a year to appear for the practical paper.

Process of study

There are certain techniques and styles which will help you to prepare in a better way.

1. Read well:

You need to be highly focused on your theoretical knowledge. Go through different course materials, reference books etc. There are few recommended books like Routing TCP/IP Volumes 1&2. If you are weak in a certain area, then pay better heed to that by collecting notes from your institute or candidates who have completed the course. There is no dearth of information. You need to collect as much as you can for an in-depth knowledge.

2.Watch videos:

This is the most enterprising method of study that people are adopting in the recent years. For a CCIE examination, you can also watch different kinds of technical videos streaming online. The videos are available on YouTube.  All the video presentation involves graphics, charts and several other ways which make learning easy and enjoyable.

3. Preparing flashcards:

You can also make flashcards on topics. If you have any problem with a particular subject then make a flashcard for your betterment. You can refer that card at the time of the study.

4. Do routine work in the lab:

You need to do routine work in the lab especially for the practical exams. At Networkers Guru one can get access to the best build lab. Try to do as many practical classes possible over a limited time span.

5.Proper study schedule:

It is important to maintain a proper study schedule. This will help an individual to learn in a proper manner without any interruption.  This will also help you to keep a proper track.  There are several subjects that need to be covered for a single exam and for that it is mandatory to maintain a schedule.

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