New Changes To The Cisco CCNA CCNP CCIE Certification In Feb 2020

new ccna ccnp ccie certificationThough the excitement was over clouds at Cisco Live last week, not much was expected regarding course changes at the event. However, Cisco announcements made it clear how serious it was concerning the tremendously growing technology landscape and fast-evolving business needs of the industry. Cisco has developed various certifications over the past decades and these certifications have been evolving ever since as per growth in technology & advancements.

Cisco has been in the forerunner of adopting new technology in its product line and technology services. Recent years have seen an outburst in the growth of software and networking technology to manage the infrastructure. Eventually, it became crucial for Cisco to incorporate these advancements in their training to produce better capable professionals who are needed in the changing technology horizon.

Cisco updated its certification suite with a notion to drive better opportunities for the network experts.

Revoking the Pre-requisite

Cisco revokes the prerequisite certifications like CCENT, which was previously essential for undertaking the associate level certifications like CCNA. At the new updates announced on Cisco Live last Monday, after February 2020, CCENT would no longer be available.

Consolidation of CCNA Certification

cisco ccna certificationCisco unified all the multiple CCNA tracks like Routing & Switching, Security, Collaboration, Data Centre, Service Provider, etc. under a single Cisco Certification. The new CCNA certification course will cover basics of security, networking & even programmability and automation.

Proved to significance since, in the previous release, candidates pursued CCNA Routing & Switching for understanding the basics of networking and then again a CCNA course like Security, Wireless, etc. With this release, the need to enroll for multiple basic courses comes to an end.

DevNet: New Certification Path for Network Application Developer

Finally, Cisco, incorporated programming skillset in the certification path. With the DevNet Certification Path, Cisco made sure to prepare the candidates for network software development and infrastructure engineering. With the advent of technologies like Software Defined Networking, it has become extremely crucial to be ready with network programming skills and automation skills as well.

cisco devnet

Cisco has defined the entire career path for them as well, namely:

  •    Cisco Certified DevNet Associate
  •    Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist
  •    Cisco Certified DevNet Professional
  •    Cisco Certified DevNet Expert (Will be available in the future)

Cisco released it as a dedicated certification path for professionals seeking Cisco credentials in the network programming and application development. Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist is a core certification focusing on the application development, operations, security on all Cisco platforms.  It is essential for professionals in roles like DevOps, IoT, WebEx and automation engineers, etc.

By incorporating automation and network programmability at some level in every track and level of their certification courses, Cisco made sure that the upcoming generation of networking experts are well equipped to pace up with the software and automation technology which have been showing great potential in the recent years.

Specialist: New Certification Level

The Specialist level certification is required after the unified CCNA certification. Candidates pursuing the specialist track will be required to take a single ENCore exam corresponding to the respective technology tracks that they choose to follow. The exam comprises of the implementation and operation of Cisco core technologies and is comprehensive depending based on the track the candidates opt.

Candidates looking forward to pursuing the CCIE certifications will also be required to take the Specialist exam in place of the CCIE specific written exam, along with the CCIE lab exam, since it covers the core aspects of networking technologies.

CCNP update

Cisco training courses gained a push over the Cisco Certification Networking Professional track as well. When Specialist track level was sliced between Associate and Professional level certification in the Cisco certification track. While Specialist track focused on the core aspect of Infrastructure, Security, Wireless and Collaboration, the Professional level certification focuses on the specialization in each of the technology track in the form of concentration track.

new ccnp certificationCisco Certification Networking Professionals, i.e., CCNP exam tracks underwent upgrades in there new revision. CCNP Cloud track has been removed and for being certified in the new track.

Major changes in the CCIE certification

CCIE certification has seen major upgrade changes in the recent announcement. It reflects in the upgrades in the certification tracks, which will be available from 24th February 2020. CCIE Routing & Switching has been replaced by CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure that focuses on primarily wired networks. CCIE DevNet has been planned but won’t be available with the new scheduled releases.

CCIE professionals are responsible for leading the entire network infrastructure from planning to deployment & troubleshooting for any business. CCIE professionals are sought for designing the network infrastructure, and the new course updates take that into severe consideration as designing is an integral part of each of the CCIE track.

CCIE available tracks after the new announcements are as follows:

  •    CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 (focuses on wired networks)
  •    CCIE Security v6.0
  •    CCIE Collaboration v3.0
  •    CCIE Data Center v3.0
  •    CCIE Service Provider v5.0
  •    CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0
  •    CCIE DevNet Expert (Planned, but not announced yet)

CCIE written exam is dead now and candidates preparing for CCIE need to take the Specialist ENCore written exam along with CCIE lab exam to get the CCIE credential in their respective tracks. Labs have been divided into two modules, namely:

–    3 hour | Design Lab exam

–    5 hour | Deploy, Operate and Optimize Lab exam

Cisco has revised its certification policy as well, candidates certified after new revision will need recertification after three years, which was two years in the previous update.

Emeritus: CCIE update

Emeritus Lifetime Program is for candidates and professionals who have maintained the certification status for over 20 years. As per the new announcement, such professionals can now opt for Cisco Emeritus Lifetime tenure at no cost.

cisco ccie emeritus

For continuing education program, 120 continuing credits will be required instead of 100 continuing credits as per previous policy. Any administrative fee involved is removed.

The new certifications designed with an end to end focused approach, aligning the needs of all the architectures of Cisco.

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