Cisco CCIE Updates: New Cisco CCIE Exam Coming In February 2020

New CCIE Updates

new cisco ccie updatesCisco announced major CCIE updates at their Cisco Live on 10th June ’19, especially in their CCNA and CCIE certification tracks. CCNA certifications are designed to be held by people working in the associate level IT roles and even used by professionals who seek an entry-level position in the networking job profiles.

CCIE updates were reckoning as well since Cisco has removed tracks and made alterations in the exam patterns as well. Further, before moving ahead, let us understand first what is a CCIE certified professional.

What is CCIE?

Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert is the highest internetworking certification awarded to a networking professional aimed at establishing his proficiency in the networking technology’s implementation, configuration & troubleshooting. Being approved and provided by Cisco itself, professionals who have completed the certification exam and the requirements as prescribed from time to time by the council. Successful candidates are endowed with CCIE number and enter the hall of fame of the handful of CCIE certified professional in the world.

new cisco ccie updatesWhy the Updates?

CCIE professionals are often the leading team in any business technology infrastructure. With rapidly changing technology horizon; it is necessary that the professionals develop at the same pace. Over the last few years, Networking Programmability and Automation have seen a significant rise in the business usage, hence Cisco has been trying to frame a training course that can satisfy this need along with new hardware technology. The release of new training updates and change in the direction is being seen as a significant step in this path and also to speed up technology innovation in phase with business development.

As per the new announcement, the new CCIE tracks will be available from February 2020. At Cisco Live event, the leaders announced the new certification track of Cisco DevNet, which established the professional’s expertise in network automation and programmability. However, the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert track hasn’t been officially yet.

Major updates

Cisco Removed the CCIE Routing & Switching certification, replacing it with CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification track. The course severely focuses on wired networking technology.

No CCIE path for Cloud technology has been put forth or announced yet.

Summing up the Previous CCIE tracks available before 24th Feb 2020 were:

After the announcement, new available tracks would be:

  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 (focuses on wired networks)
  • CCIE Security v6.0
  • CCIE Collaboration v3.0
  • CCIE Data Center v3.0
  • CCIE Service Provider v5.0
  • CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0
  • CCIE DevNet Expert (Planned, but not announced yet)

No major changes have been made to the CCDE or CCAr certifications.

Exam Updates

If you are a candidate preparing for CCIE day in and day out, incorporating Network Programmability and Automation can undoubtedly come in handy, as these topics have been added in the new updates for CCIE preparation.

Candidates taking the exam till 23th Feb 2020 will still have a written and lab exam to work for with a certification validation of two years, however, if you plan to take the CCIE certification track after that as per the new recertification policy, you will need to recertify in the next three years to retain your CCIE validation certificate. Changes in the exam pattern have also been put forth.

Previously candidates preparing for CCIE certification had to:

– Clear a written exam for the respective CCIE track
– Clear the 8 – hour lab exam for the same path (Initial attempt within the next 18 month)

However, with new announcements, new candidates will have to take a core exam, similar to that to be taken by a CCNP professional pursuing the same track of technology. Lab exams have been defined into two categories:

– 3 hour | Design Lab exam
– 5 hour | Deploy, Operate and Optimize Lab exam

Cisco has put forth a single core exam for CCNP and CCIE professional under the name of Specialist track. Hence professionals pursuing CCIE will take 1 core written exam in addition to the lab assessment.

Once the candidate has cleared the Core Technology Exam, he gains the title of being a Cisco Specialist. Previously when a candidate cleared his written CCIE exam, no certificate or recognition was provided. Cisco has made changes to this.

Concepts of Networking Programmability and Automation with the use of programming languages like Python have also been added in the exam prospects. The updates have framed the merging of the software essentials in the technology domain unlike the previous periods, where programming knowledge didn’t have that much-needed space in the preparation of certification.

Course upgrades in the CCIE certification can be noted in terms of how the courses were planned. Namely, Enterprise track has been introduced in the Certification track, that has been divided into two components namely CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure that addresses the wired technology, & CCIE Enterprise Wireless that is created for professional seeking expertise in the wireless technology.

Professional who wish to seek specialization in the designing of the network can choose to opt for CCNP Enterprise Design or CCNP Enterprise Wireless. But when a professional chooses to opt for CCIE, designing becomes an integral part of the courseware, right from planning, deployment until maintenance of the network.

How Networkers Guru is prepared to help the candidate

new cisco ccie updatesNetworkers Guru has been working alongside industry professionals for over a decade now and have been continuously updated on the new advancements and changes in the trend of the information technology. Owing and maintaining one of the biggest Cisco Labs in the country makes it possible for Networkers Guru in providing ample hands-on experience and knowledge necessary for the candidate in gaining a complete understanding of the networking technology.

Concerning the recent Cisco Updates, this has become even more crucial, since the new revision of courses focus on the practical implementation of the networking technology keeping in line with five specific architectures namely Enterprise, Data Center, Security, Service Provider and Collaboration.

If you are looking to get CCIE certified and get ample hands-on experience under the guidance of CCIE certified professionals, Get in Touch.

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