New Cisco CCNP Certification From Feb 2020 – All You Need To Know

Old and New CCNP Certification

new ccnp certificationWhen Cisco announced certification updates last month, few could have perceived that it would be revolutionizing the entire networking technology-training curriculum. From comprehension of the entire CCNA modules under one name i.e. the core CCNA exam, number 200-301, to retiring of the CCENT certification, the list is long. The recertification period for all Cisco certification will be extended to 3 years.

CCNP certification

CCNP certification is considered preferable for a candidate that has at least one year of professional experience under his belt and is eager to advance their current skillset and manage and maintain complex networking solutions.

Cisco took great care in streamlining the technical course are in their major update this time. The previous certification tracks included: 

This was the ongoing certification track and will be continued until 24th February’20. As per the recent update, Cisco removed the Cloud certification track and comprised CCNP Routing & Switching and CCNP Wireless into a single technology track CCNP Enterprise Certification. Cisco introduced the DevNet certification track for networking software professionals, which was the much awaited certification program as it comprised the essential necessary for networking automation and programmability.

The new certification tracks included in the new certification released program update are as follows: 

  • CCNP Enterprise (covers Wired and Wireless)
  • CCNP Collaboration
  • CCNP Security
  • CCNP Service Provider
  • CCNP Data Center
  • Cisco Certified DevNet Professional (new)

new ccna ccnp ccie certificationCisco has kept a keen interest in removing any redundant courseware like CCNP Cloud, CCNP Design and has focused on the implementation of programs that inflict the better interest of the individuals as well as the technology tribe.

CCNP Pre-requisites:

As per the current program detail, you need to have at least CCENT certification to qualify for CCNP technology track. However, this proceeding has been changed in the new update. Candidates can now directly proceed to CCNP exam certification without the need of any pre-requisites.

CCNP Exam Requirements:

Candidates contesting exam for any of the CCNP track would be required to complete/pass 3 or 4 tracks depending on the CCNP technology track they choose to follow. However, after the recent update in the exam patterns as well, Cisco has changed the exam for the opted track as follows:

  • 1 technology core exam that cover the basic concepts and the foundational requirements
  • 1 concentration exam that dives deeper into the technology

The technology track will also serve as a qualifying exam for CCIE Lab exams. That means for a candidate CCNP Enterprise certificate can serve as a pre-requisite for CCIE Enterprise certification.

CCNP Transition:

Cisco has made due effort in providing a smoother transition between the upgrades. If a candidate completes any of the certification track before 24th February’20, then the certification will be upgraded automatically to the new certification program after the cutover data and new equivalent certification will be issued to the candidate.

CCNP Recertification Policy:

As per the new update, the recertification timeline has been changed to three years than the previous two years period. To be recertified, after 24th February’20 a candidate needs to 

  • Successfully complete any of one technology core exam.
  • Successfully complete any two professional concentration exams.
  • Successfully complete one CCIE lab exam.

The Continuing education cap for Cisco Live activities and content authoring has been revoked and the continuing education program has been extended to CCNA, Specialist, CCNP, CCIE certifications.

Migration Tool:

free networking tools and softwaresCisco recently provided with a new Migration Tool that eases the understanding of which certification track to be followed after the upgrade even if you are in the middle of your certification exam and have completed any one of the module of the respective certification track.

Candidates can select their current certified status as per the track, and the tool guides towards what credits they will receive post cutover date or any pending certification exam that they need to complete to earn the credential.

How Networkers Guru can assist

Networkers Guru has been instrumental in providing the best quality and effort training to candidates across the globe. This is evident in the latest release of the training material and early adoption of the updates as received Being the owner of the largest Cisco training lab in the country, Networkers Guru has been focused on the key aspect of the candidates overall development like personality development and soft skill development along with the regular session on networking technology. Under the guidance of certified professionals with ages of experience, it is evident that we have successfully trained and assisted in the placement of candidates at multilevel of the organization.


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