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The most impelling career in the recent years is Information technology.  All over the world students are getting into this domain for a better career growth. It is quite obvious that IT is our future and every industry depends on this for its future prospect. Networking is an integral part of IT. People who are undergoing different courses on networking have a prosperous future to look forward to. It is a huge domain and has courses like CCIE, CCNA, CCNP and many others.

CISCO conducts all the different courses and the certification given is considered to be the supreme authority in networking. Every network engineer must have a CISCO certification to flourish well in their respective field. Every person has the desire to work overseas.  The platform of Networking can provide you such opportunities to work in foreign countries. All the CISCO certified courses are highly valued not only in India but even abroad.

At first, it is very important to know the different kinds of jobs that are assigned to a CISCO certified candidate. There may be various kinds of responsibilities assigned to him. Let’s highlight some of the core job prospects:

A fresher is always welcome in every industry.  In overseas countries like the USA, a huge number of young and vibrant candidates are recruited in this domain. The positions available for a fresher are

  • Network specialist
  • Network technician
  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Network architect

These are the primary profiles that will be offered to you but later things will change. After you gain a little experience the companies will automatically shift you to a much higher profile with a particular specialization. Some of the profiles are

  • Network security specialist- A network security specialist will be responsible for monitoring computer networks for different security threats and unauthorized users. They also analyze the risk on various security measures and implement various ways to tackle the issues. Some additional responsibilities are also there like testing different software tools, firewalls etc.
  • Cloud networking architect- The person in this position will lead several strategic and complex assignments. The primary task is to handle network connectivity and help in migration and automation.
  • VoIP Engineer- The person is responsible to coordinate the strategies for maintaining the in-house IP telephony voice communication and associated network connections.
  • Telecom project manager- The person is responsible for handling the administrative work of different telecommunication services. He must have a strong knowledge of different telecommunication technologies and industrial strategies.

It is inevitable that opportunities are much better in the overseas market.  The IT industry is booming with the integration of latest technologies in different domains.  Mostly the jobs are offered on a contract basis.  If a candidate can deliver well, the contract often gets extended for a longer time period. Talking about the payment it is quite above average in comparison to our currency valuation.

What is the biggest factor that works in the foreign countries like the USA in getting jobs?

There is a single factor which plays a dominating role in this part. There are various small and big companies operating in the market.  It is not necessary that you have to get selected in a big IT conglomerate to be successful. You can always begin your journey with a small company and get experience. But remember wherever you go it is necessary to have a CISCO certification.  It has been accepted worldwide as the most trusted acclamation given to any network engineer.

According to the current market scenario, United States of America is leading the job market for network engineers. One can apply directly and chances are there to get selected. Candidates who are willing to relocate to foreign countries must apply for jobs in the USA.  Apart from this the other places also have quite a good prospect in the domain of networking.

Networkers Guru one of the most trusted and a reputed institution has many alumni working in the foreign countries. The institute over the years has developed a strong base of good training and successful placements. Networkers Guru has experienced trainers and tailor made study module to cater to the aspiring networking engineers.  The institute is now the most recommended one in North India.

We wish you a very good luck for your future.

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