Several Facts about Major Differences between CCNA and CCNP

 CCNA and CCNP Certification is the best match for Computer Networking seeker

Both CCNA and CCNP are two prestigious titles of IT field and there are some differences as per their levels and the person’s specialties shown through them.

CCNA and CCNP stand for Cisco Certified Network Associate and Cisco Certified Network Professional. These terms are well-known terms in IT field as they are one of the respected and admired certifications. First of all, to get Cisco Certified, a person must go with strenuous and written exams as well as lab exams. There are altogether five rounds of tests which show the expertise degree of the person. CCNA approves the profound comprehension as well as potential competence to work with the medium-range route and buttoned systems. It also shows the person’s competence to install and activate systems of a network. Likewise, CCNP approves aptitude to uphold area’s networks, that is LAN and WAN. It also shows the person’s competence to work with experts on advanced solutions like security, wireless and voice.

CCNA and CCNP Certification training by specialist

Similarly, a person with this certification can work in the post of a network engineer or system engineer. In addition, the curriculum of CCNA exam includes the comprehension of networking of wireless ideas, security threats, as well as connection to distant sites with wide area networks that is WAN. The person is also well acknowledged about protocols like EIGRP, SLIPFR, RIPv2, ACL’s, VLANs and so on, which is crucial in their IT career. These things show that in CCNA CCNP, CCNA is a requirement to CCNP. When you want to appear for CCNP, you should be certified with CCNA and after that, you are required to get the experience of at least one year. As CCNA opens new future prospects, you can also get more prospects when you are certified with CCNP. This is the reason that CCNPs are lesser in number in a market as compared to CCNAs. Likewise, CCNA certification requires training as well as a study of the medium-sized path and bottomed networks whereas to WAN where CCNP requires training for congregated LAN and WAN network with hundred to five hundred or more nodes than that. Cisco products, as well as system, are complex stuff which needs a number of people to work. Experts with CCNA CCNP certified have got more demands on these projects as they show great degree of expertise and competence as compared to various contemporaries.

Achieving this certification means you are able to install, function, organize as well as even troubleshoot Cisco network which is very complex; this is the significance of these certifications. CCNP certification requires taking of exams with Pearson VUE by opening an account on the site. You are also required to put your name, your company’s name with Cisco Identification number along with a valid email address. In this way, you need to appear two hours exam for CCNP. If you pass this exam, there are more future prospects than CCNA. Thus, this is the main difference of CCNA CCNP.


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