Why do you still not decide to choose computer networking career?

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Confusion is not in the mind but in the state of education in the country. Read below to know how?

Education scenario in India is one of the most distinguished topics for discussion in every platform.  According to the recent market trend, there are plentiful options existing for the people. One can choose any domain and specializes in it for getting better growth in the future.

All subjects have got a good scope in the contemporary years. Around 80% of students are pursuing courses which are new and have got demand in the industry like CCNP, CCNA Switching, and other CISCO courses.

Why are students confused just after passing out from school?

 The state of confusion begins with parents coming into the limelight.  They decide the future of their child, responsible for choosing the subject of study, and even college.

The next issue is different options to study. One particular stream has more than twenty varieties of subjects to choose from, and all have got good opportunities in the market. A student just after passing out from school will utterly be confused if such options are placed in front of him or her.

The state of confusion begins from here.  A friend might suggest choosing one option, parents something else, and career counselors will go beyond everyone.

The decision to choose a career is completely on the student; well-wishers can just give advice or suggestions but should never force their decision. At Networkers Guru, you will find complete career settlement including career counseling, corporate training,  placements as well as academic exposure.

There are more than hundred cases where people have forced a student to choose a particular stream and the end result is seemingly zero. If you are willing to do a course on CCIE routing and switching then make it happen without listening to any other people.

 Even the industry is responsible for the state of confusion

Generally, every industry hires on the basis of qualification and certain skills of the candidate, but the situation is a little different in the recent times. The companies are demanding people who are updated with the latest technologies and courses offered. For example, a candidate working in the finance sector must have several other certifications like an MBA in finance or PGDM courses apart from a commerce degree. This is where a candidate loses out on hope and gets confused as what to pursue to get the right job.

As said in the beginning that there are job opportunities in the country but people are in a confused state of mind from the time they passed out from school. Multiple options for a single path are the root cause of this problem.

This is a suggestion to all students that don’t speed up your decision in choosing a career. After passing out from school give some time to yourself for relaxation and then decide on your choice. From the variety of options that are available choose the one where you feel comfortable. Let other people interfere but at the end make sure to uphold your choice at every instant.


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