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Are you aspiring to become a Network Engineer, Do you have the relevant background in technology or hope to pursue the right training in a program of Networking? It looks like you are heading in the right direction in terms of your career.

Choosing the best Networking Training Institute for your Career is an opening to Cisco’s world

First of all, make sure!

Institutes do play an important role in students life for their career growth, especially when you choose an advanced networking course, it is important for all students to choose the right networking institute so they can get the best learning and Knowledge.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Networkers Guru.

1. 10 Glorious Years in Cisco’s World
In 2008 Networkers Guru started his journey in Cisco Industry, Networkers Guru awarded “Best Cisco Training Institute in Delhi NCR”. If you are new to networking or working toward your next certification or renewing your current certification. Networkers Guru is here to exceed your training expectations.

2. World’s Leading Cisco Labs
Networkers Guru has the world’s leading cisco labs with unique setup and our labs are regularly updated as per the latest blueprint and checklist by Cisco. We are providing fully loaded racks to every student and makes their learning experience interesting.

3. Certified Trainer
Networkers Guru has biggest pool of certified trainers. All the courses are technical and are handled by experienced trainers who have a vast amount of experience in the industry. The team members of Networkers Guru are dedicated and are always ready to deliver the finest quality work to their students.

4. Interactive Training Module
• 5 Hours of theoretical + Practical Training
3 Hours of practical class and 2 hours of theoretical knowledge to give hands-on exposure to the track technologies on real Cisco devices.

• PD Sessions
Students are given personality development classes after all knowledge must be presentable in this world.

• Mock Interviews
Students are prepared by making them appear for the mock session as they are tested on their knowledge and skills acquired during interview.

• Doubt Clearing Sessions
Students get a chance to clear their doubts after their training is completed, our trainers are always up for providing you with the best of training services.

5. Facilities
Networkers Guru has an impressive infrastructure in India.
• Individual Rack access to students.
• 24×7 Lab access.
• Leading Cisco Training Lab in India.
• A limited number of students in every class– Maximum 10 students per class.
• Certified trainers with very good experience in industry and training.

6. Networkers Guru Job Placements
Networkers Guru has placement record.
Being a Networking solution and consultancy, it gets easier for us to invite MNCs for students placement.
So, join Networkers Guru to make your career fly.

We hope that this information will help you immensely in choosing the correct coaching institute.
All the very best!

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