Ways to get CCNP Voice Certification

It is challenging but rewarding to get CCNP Voice Certification. Your career door opens to a lot of prospects as soon as you pass this exam.

Similar to other exams, this exam also consists of five different levels. These levels are architect, expert, professional, associate and entry. Your experience and dedication in certain IT field decide your expertise level. Higher expertise and experience help decide the level of your certification. Cisco Certified Network Professional Voice, which is CCNP Voice, shows the advanced degree of comprehension as well as a skill that is needed for the amalgamation of the architecture of the network. In addition, this also shows that you possess a vigorous set of talent and skills for configuration, implementation, and operation along with congregate of IP network. Again, this certification upholds one of the highest levels of honors in the technological industry.

CCNP Voice Certification  accreditation helps to attain promotion

A person with this certification can get a higher number of future prospects as well as job opportunities with the increment of salary. CCNP Voice Certification comes in next step as compared to CCNA Voice Certification which shows that it is more dynamic than CCNA. A person with this credit can also create a supportive as well as an elegant solution that is totally see-through, sizable and convenient too. The prime focus of the person getting this certification becomes a manager of aspects of a network. Right from maintaining quality service to Internet technology phones, sound applications, and other Cisco Unified Presence Applications, the person with this certification is able to do any job well. As per the policy of Cisco, you need to deposit a certain amount of money in Cisco’s account in order to register for your exam. This fee is same all over the world and people living in any part of the world can take this exam.

CCNP Voice Certification is really mattered a lot

As it is high profile certification, you need to recertify it after a certain interval of time. Most of the times, you are required to recertify your certification after a period of three years. What should you do for recertification? You should pass any one of the following stated exams before the expiry date.

At first, you should pass the 642-XXX exam which is of professional level. Then after, you should pass CCIE exam which is a written one. You are also required to pass CCDE exam which is also written. Similarly, you should pass CCDE exam which is also written but a bit easier than rest of the exams. Lastly, you should pass CCAr which is one of the interviews and also CCAr board review for prolonging of certifications. It is better if you work or assist some CCNP Voice Engineer for getting better acknowledgment about the job. This way, you will get to know several aspects that you do not get theoretically. After you pass this exam, your certification is recertified and opens door to more prospects. You get increment in the job prospects in top-notch positions of various organizations. You can go with several workshops for making yourself acquainted with various aspects of the job properly. As this is one of the best-credited certification, you can go with strenuous preparation for passing. Therefore, these are the steps with which you can get CCNP Voice Certification.


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